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Considering the boycott of the northern lights – NRK

the minister of justice, and meant for Troms Fremskrittsparti, Per Willy Amundsen, is contemplating to boycott the newspaper Aurora in the election, writes VG.

the Background is a facebook-debate Saturday night, in the wake of an article like the northern lights published earlier in the day. According to the article can’t Progress to guarantee that there is something of the construction of the new E8 through Ramfjorden outside Tromsø.

the Source for the case was state secretary in the ministry of transport and communications, the right’s Tom Cato Karlsen, who in the weekend visited the general assembly in Troms Frp.

Nightly discussion on facebook

Karlsen was not, however, agree with the newspaper’s approach and wrote Saturday night on Facebook:

“oh my god, the northern lights?! Seriously?! Have you not the slightest shred of yrkesstolthet? That of course I can’t leak anything about the upcoming National transport plan, means not that it is the hook on the door for the E8. This is the “fake news”, Skjalg Fjellheim, and it is embarrassing to see that you do not have any understanding of the process”.

- Unworthy of the attorney general, believes political editor Skjalg Fjellheim.

Photo: Private

the Political editor of the northern lights, Skjalg Fjellheim, responded like this:

“the northern lights have not either written or meant that it is the hook on the door. Should we let la mayor Kristin Røymo get to speak? This is when a completely natural part of the political debate. Load up now, not on the Trump-rhetoric, it is wise to. The most important thing should be to focus on to get built one way your party has promised the residents of Tromsø”, wrote the Mountains.

during the evening and night continued facebookdiskusjonen, and involved also the three FrP cabinet ministers Per Willy Amundsen, Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Per Sandberg.

“the northern lights and Skjalg Fjellheim will not understand, Tom Cato. My experience is that self-awareness is non-existent in Pravda”, wrote Per Willy Amundsen.

Screenshot from the sad facebookdiskusjon.

the Day thereupon says Amundsen to NRK that he has long been critical of the way the northern lights reviews Troms Fremskrittsparti.

This has been going on over time. Northern lights produces unbalanced journalism, obviously angled negative for the Progress party, ” says Amundsen.

He believes the Labour party has free rein in the northern lights, and that the newspaper is far more critical of the right than the left.

the city Council in Tromsø (consisting of the Right, the Progress party and the Left, journ anm.) in the previous period had a completely different medfart of the northern lights, ” says Amundsen.

Have for years featured the northern lights as “Pravda”

Harstadværingen Per Willy Amundsen took over as minister for justice before christmas.

Photo: Braastad, Audun / NTB scanpix

According to Amundsen there was, however, sad articles in connection with the annual meeting in Troms conservative party that got the cup to overflow.

. We had a good meeting in the weekend, where the general assembly let the conflicts to the side and chose to look forward and work together towards the elections. The northern lights were present at the meeting, but chose smooth to ignore this. Instead, they continue to write about “skittentøysvask “and “intrigue”, says Amundsen.

What did you think of the kind of language used in the debate?

– the use of Language confirms that the northern lights have a political editor with a bad case and that will not admit error. Instead, you choose to feel offended. It is not something new that I will refer to the northern lights as Pravda. What I have done in many years. But it’s clear that Skjalg takes close to of this. However, it is not my problem and confirms just that I hit a tender point, ” says Amundsen.

Now consider the thus, Amundsen boycott of Aurora in the forthcoming election.

– We will discuss this in Troms the progress valgkamputvalg, for this is a matter we take seriously. If the northern lights are not able to create balanced fabric in its coverage of Troms conservative party, we should consider whether we at all is served by to relate to the northern lights in the election, ” says Amundsen.

He points out that the he in this case argue that the progress party meant in Troms and not the minister of justice.

– I don’t sit in the valgkampkomiteen in the capacity of being attorney general, ” says Amundsen.

– Unworthy of a minister of justice

It is serious that a regjeringsparti boycotts will boycott a Norwegian newspaper, which raises the question of whether the party intend to fulfil their election promises, says the political editor of the northern lights, Skjalg Fjellheim, to NRK.

According to Fjellheim will the newspaper continue to cover the FrP on a maktkritisk way also in the future.

It is our job, on behalf of our readers. So it is up to the conservative party if they will answer our questions, says Fjellheim.

– Amundsen says you have taken the close of the that he through the years has mentioned the northern lights as Pravda?

” I take me not near of it. It is shameful that a minister of justice attacks a newspaper in this way. It has also never happened before that a minister of justice, operates so on the social media. It suggests a new debattklima where the conservative party is trying to nulle the redaktørstyrte the media in Norway, says Fjellheim.

Inquirer editor-in-chief

editor-in-chief Helge Nitteberg in the northern lights set surprised to the threat of boycott.

Photo: Klemet Anders Sara / NRK Sapmi

editor-in-chief in Aurora, Helge Nitteberg, set surprised to Amundsen’s overtures, and call it a boycott of the free Norwegian press.

– It is very undemocratic of nature, and it is a paradox of the rare that a representative from the government in one moment refer to the Aurora as “Pravda” and then in the next moment just want to talk with the media he likes. It is strongly reminiscent of the regime “Pravda” represented, ” says Nitteberg to NRK.

According to the Nitteberg, it is quite natural that the northern lights ask the Right questions about the construction of the E8 through the Ramfjorden.

– This is an important issue for Tromsø, where voters four years ago it was the promise of a bompengefri E8. When we ask questions about this to the secretary of state, is it strange that you go from a promise four years ago to now not being able to say anything. It is a mockery of the voters and a mockery against the free and independent press. One tries to turn away from politics to rhetoric and hersketeknikk, says Nitteberg.

Ask Erna to talk with Amundsen

Now think sjefredaktøren that prime minister Erna Solberg must have a talk with Per Willy Amundsen.

About Erna Solberg accepts a boycott, I am even more alarmed. Now, I expect that she rush out and embraces democracy. All presseorganisasjoner to be treated equally and not be threatened into silence through boikottaksjoner, says Nitteberg.

– What happens now with the case from the northern lights’ page?

the Ball is on their side. Voters in the state of minnesota and our readers are entitled to know what Erna Solberg, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Per-Willy Amundsen do with the main samferdselssaken in the county of Troms. It is our focus, ” says Nitteberg.

– Need to rub in your eyes

Professor Kjell Arne Røvik is surprised Amundsen’s campaign against the northern lights.

– You need to rub in the eyes. A minister of justice who, in the middle of the night hammering away at the press and threatens a boycott. This is very special, ” says Røvik to the northern lights.

He thinks there is something unorsk of what is happening now.

It has hitherto been a sort of gentleman’s agreement, a framework for how the press and the politicians relate to each other. Amundsen has undoubtedly moved some grensepåler here, ” says Røvik.

the Acting secretary general of the Norwegian press association, Nils E. Øy believe, according to the northern lights that Amundsen has appeared objectionable.

I think it is highly objectionable by a minister to speak in this way, when it comes to a question of the government’s policy to do. If it is so that he or his party is so dissatisfied with a newspaper, and this should have been over a long time, I expect that he and the party also takes this up in a complaint to the Commission Professional Committees, says Island to the northern lights.


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