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Community banned from the conservative party in Kristiansund – Sunnmørsposten

In the leserbrevet in meet the Requirements of the printer the two bystyrerepresentantene that they have had enough of Møre and Romsdal and believes crystal palace must be a part of the county. It was too much for the lead in fylkespartiet, writes NRK.

on Tuesday night adopted fylkesstyremøtet in the party that Holten and Nordli is deprived of his membership in the conservative party for all time.

-If there is no headroom in the conservative party as a local politician, I just have to take it to the intelligence. They do not want community with commitment, ” says Nordli, who has been group leader in Kristiansund Frp.

He says he doesn’t see anything wrong with lesebrevet the two wrote. Fylkesleder Frank Sve do not want to comment on the case.

It is an internal partisak, ” he says.



Trygdesvindel of 22 million in California in 2016 – Aftenbladet.en

a total Of 88 persons have been reviewed. Fraud of unemployment benefits and arbeidsavklaringspenger tops the statistics.

Stønadene to help users to get work. All 79 people are prosecuted for the fraud of these stønadene for a total of 15,8 million. Very many of the offences have been in job without sign in from the NAV, according to a press release.

It is serious when someone is abusing the welfare benefits for their own gain. Those who attempt to defraud should note that we have good methods to uncover such cases, said head of department for WELFARE Control in the west, Gerda Baustad Sirnes, according to the press release.


Very snøfattig winter – Bergens Tidende

Several places in the country is this year’s winter the most snøfattige of around 60 years, according to the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (nve).

widget list

There has been less snow in Valdres since the 1950s, writes VG. Also not on the Finnskogen it has been registered less snow since 1958. Also the entire Eastern and half of the South-Norway is snøfritt at the end of January.

– It is the Eastern regions which is quite special in the winter. Here is the dryland everywhere, ” says researcher Thomas Skaugen Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE).

– Totland to be a wonderful place for all

Typical vestavær

Over large parts of the Hardangervidda is this year’s snow cover among the two to three worst inside NVEs model. Also on the South coast and the west coast must be way up in the hills to find snow.

There are two issues that make this: a lot of typical vestavær with high temperatures and little precipitation when it has been cold. We see that we, for example, in the Valdres area have all the way up to 1400 metres to find the normal snow conditions, ” says Skaugen.

– You are chopped better off on the west coast than on the Eastern. Østlendingen must about to Voss to find snow, ” says hydrolog Heidi Bache the Beach in the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE) to Bergens Tidende.

According to the Beach is bare in many places on the west coast where there normally is snow.

But in the mountains it is smooth. Here east you go skiing on the two centimeterne with the rim located in the fields, ” she says and laughs.

Went through the ice at Finse: – Horrible scary

Not a lot of snow in store

Statsmeteorolog Ine-Therese Pedersen at the Norwegian Meteorological institute confirms that the first and foremost is the Eastern regions that have had little snow now in the winter.

– There are people in california who have reason to complain. But it is a little less snow than usual also in norway, says Pedersen.

She reports that in Bergen on Tuesday morning, the three degrees and partly cloudy.

It should increase in with the wind today, and can come up in the strong breeze on the coast in the evening. The front coming in from the west, and will keep the precipitation away.

Wednesday comes this closer, and out of the day, it can get rain on the coast. In the height there will be some replenishment of snow.

But there is not much snow in wait. And what comes, comes in the height. It appears that Bergen will get some snow in the time to come.

you Should go skiing in the vicinity of Bergen, recommend statsmeteorologen and take a trip to Kvamskogen.

– Where have they in any case freezing temperatures, and on the night of Thursday it will get a little snow.


Politiansatte have little faith in the police reform – ABC News

a Total of 5.786 politiansatte have responded to the survey that forms the basis for a new report from researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB). It is equivalent to over one-third of all employees in the police.

Only 13 percent of the respondents agree that nærpolitireformen will contribute to a more visible and accessible police. Furthermore, only 19 per cent agreed that the reform will contribute to more effective crime-fighting.

-This should worry our new minister of justice, and the other with responsibility for the implementation of the nærpolitireformen, ” says phd candidate Helge Renå by the Department of administration and political science at the University in a statement.

It was the NRK who first talked about the report on Tuesday evening.

-Would have had other figures

This was violently. We look the closest to a totalslakt from the police’s own people over the government’s prestisjereform, says Centre party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum to NRK.

the Survey was sent out in the summer of 2016. The minister of justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (progress party) says to NRK that he believes the survey is out of date. On the question of what he thinks about that only 19 per cent agree that the reform will contribute to more effective crime-fighting, responding minister:

-Yes, but this is a survey that was done last summer, i.e. in the initial phase of the reform. Now we come much further in implementation of the reform.

-in other words, I think that if you had taken a similar survey today, so I’m quite sure that you would get other numbers. The reform is academically justified, and something the police want, ” says Amundsen.

More support among leaders

In the survey, only 4 percent of the respondents agreed that the reform will contribute to less centralization of law enforcement resources, while only 15 per cent agrees that the reform will contribute to a strengthening of the crime prevention work to children and young people.

In addition, responding less than a third that they believe the reform will have positive implications for their own work, write Politiforum , who also talked about the report on Tuesday.

the Proportion of leaders in the police force who are positive to the reform, is greater than among regular employees. However, the majority of the leaders also skeptical, called it in the report.


The government get the ”marching” to open for more ulvejakt – ABC News

Three hours to the outspoken criticism of the border to mistrust. Only the few ulvevennene in the Left, MDG and SV was Right-the minister, who went back to the office with the information to read Natumangfoldsloven again. Helgesens decision to say no to the felling of the majority of wolves that local rovviltnemnder had said yes to, created fiery debate in Parliament on Tuesday.

-When one does too much at ulveforliket, as we believe the government has done with its understanding of the law, there is unrest. We agreed that the conflict should be mitigated. Where are we not, and it gives the government a huge responsibility, ” said Hans Olav Syversen (KrF).

the coalition parties Right and the progress party, as well as the Ap, joined the criticism.

-This is about the implementation of the Norwegian Parliament has decided, and there’s some ironing, without a doubt, ” said Morten Ørsal Johansen (Frp).

Helgesens partifelle Gunnar Gundersen believes the minister has created a distrust of the rovdyrforvaltningen and the laws.

Considering distrust

the central party considering the distrust against the minister. The parliamentary leader Marit Arnstad believes Helgesen much earlier should informed the Parliament about the problems with fulfilling the Storting adopted bestandsmål.

After such behaviour, one must ask oneself whether one can have confidence in the government’s ability to follow up the Storting’s decision, she continued, and added that the government’s follow-up will also be crucial.

The four parties behind ulveforliket in the year (H, Fp, Ap and KrF) presented before the debate what they believe will be the solution to the controversy. The government has interpreted the Naturmangfoldsloven too narrowly, they believe, and asks Helgesen consider the rules again, with a deadline of 10. march.

–There is a deadline that has a lot of nerve in it, when it comes to the confidence one should have in the government’s follow-up of a very clear stortingsflertall, ” says Terje Aasland (Ap)

He leaves little doubt that he thus believes Helgesen need to open in order to shoot more wolves.

We have been instructed to assess the legal framework again, and we’re going to do, ” says Helgesen to the NTB.

the Minister not agree

He rejects allegations that he has not complied with opplysningsplikten. He is also not agree that the basis for the legal assessment have been carried out, with the help of lovavdelingen in the department of Justice, has been too narrow.

-Now we need to get some time to look at the decision and see how we take it further, ” says Helgesen

Ulvens defenders of the Parliament is highly critical of the majority order and the criticism of Helgesen.

It is very strange that there are so many who use such strong words against a government minister who, after all, only follows the law. We shall after all be controlled by law, ” said Liberal party, Ola Elvestuen.

Bård Vegar Solhjell of SV believes the Parliament has been informed about the dilemmas, and accuse the Right and the Labor to have been the "support group for special interests".


Fewer reviewed for trygdesvindel in 2016 – the Newspaper.en

In the last year, a total of 1166 individuals reviewed for trygdesvindel for 233 million. Half of the amount applies to the fraud of unemployment benefits.

In 2015 were 1472 people reviewed for trygdesvindel for 302 million. When was the message from the ministry of Labour and sosialminister Anniken Hauglie (H) that several rogues should be taken, but it has not happened.

– the welfare system is a safety net for those who get in a difficult economic situation. It is serious when someone chooses to abuse the arrangements. Anyone who receives benefits from Nav, have a duty to provide accurate information, ” says the ministry of labour and velferdsdirektør Sigrun Vågeng.

Six of the ten cases apply to people who have been working without informing the Nav.

Many of the largest cases arbeidsmarkedskriminalitet. A common feature of such cases is that the velferdsmidler be exploited to reduce labour costs, which gives your business a competitive advantage. 126 persons were prosecuted for such crimes for a total of 47,8 million. Of these are 20 people prosecuted for complicity. In many cases, the cooperating employer and the employee about the scam.

One of the biggest enkeltsakene in the last year about fraud of a total of 1.4 million where the employer and the employee has worked to get paid sick pay, unemployment benefits and parental benefits.

Trygdesvindel be punished strictly. Fraud of nok 90,000, is punished, usually with immediate imprisonment. Nav also requires always return the money. (NTB)

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Cappelen, associate Jensen to hasjinnførsler: – Jensen was Mr. “Good” – NRK

Gjermund Cappelen claims Eirik Jensen has been up against the 8.5 million to notify him about the detection and narkobeslag. After having told about his life as storimportør of marijuana in Oslo district court on Tuesday, went Cappelen details of the alleged collaboration with Eirik Jensen.

Cappelen and Jensen was known for an apprehension of the Cappelen in 1993. Cappelen claims they agreed to collaborate in the same year.

– Jensen and I agreed we could work together. He figured that I ran with the marijuana, and were not very wary of it. He realized that he had to use unorthodox methods to get to the bottom of things. It was a collaboration to protect this, rather than to clear it, ” says Cappelen.

He claims they agreed that Jensen should get the 500 kroner per kilogram of cannabis resin that was introduced. To return was to Jensen, according to Cappelen notify the monitoring, detection and fittings.

I and my network could daily be put under surveillance, and then I would get a notification about it. “Good weather” is not only linked to records, but also whether it is quiet around me. But in periods with import was attached to it, though it was quiet in the kingdom, told Cappelen.

the Radio krimkommentator Olav Manager and Reporter Scott Victoria Engen sums up the first day with cappelen in his explanation.

– “Mr. Good” was Jensen

Cappelen was asked about who was registered as “Mr. Good” on his phone, and believe there is no doubt that it was Eric Jensen. This denied Jensen in his explanation.

– He was a person that was good for me in all possible ways. He also helped with the hasjvirksomheten, and therefore I called him, said Cappelen.

Cappelen also claim that text messages that “workers go home” and “construction projects” is linked to the introductions of cannabis resin in December 2009.

According to the indictment shall Cappelen have introduced 400 kilos of hashish from the Netherlands in December this month.

When Jensen sent several messages about that “of the 100 participants there were only 90 who showed up” it means according to Cappelen that he received 10.000 nok for a little while after to have helped with the delivery in December. The money was according to Cappelen handed down by Vestbanehallen in Oslo 9. December 2009.

Jensen has on his page claimed that the SMS-one written in the markup language, and was about a narkotiksak where Cappelen was the informant.

Tingrettsdommer Heger would wonder how Jensen concrete helped Cappelen to get into the cannabis resin into the Uk.

I don’t know what he actually did, but it was my understanding that he helped. I guess he has his connections in the Oslo police, so he talks with them in the usual way. Happens something big, so rings the bells around in the system. He said it was quiet and calm, and that I could accept the cargoes, ” he says.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim and Eirik Jensen’s defender, John Christian the Fire.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

– Helped already 1993

In the indictment mean Spesialenheten that Jensen has received at least 2,1 million. Cappelen believes, on their side, that amount may be closer to 8.5 million. He claims that Jensen got the money handed over in cash during meetings, and that the money were bound in elastic band.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim told also Cappelen tell about the first entry in the indictment, this is not specified in more detail 100 kilograms of marijuana in 1993 or 1994. Jensen is not prosecuted for this, but Cappelen claims he already got the help of the policeman. Earlier Monday, Cappelen explained that he is already in 1993, put over the first amount of money in the account to the Jensen.

There was an entry after I and Eirik began to cooperate. It was a German car that came to Norway and met a friend of mine at Frognerseteren. It was about 100 kilograms from a contact in the Netherlands.

How was the collaboration with Eric Jensen? asked Alfheim.

He checked to see if it was something that happened around me in the period. It was completely in the initial phase, but it was there, as was his task.

Jensen has also explained about an event that goes under the name of Hotel Bastion from 1998, where a Swedish courier was stopped at Svinesund. The load was going to a recipient on the Hotel Bastion in Oslo.

Where do I get the notification that the person is taken. From Eirik Jensen. Then he has been at work and overheard that it has been taken a cargo, ” says Cappelen.

Two records from the indictment

Jensen has explained that it was impossible for him to gain insight into what actions customs planned, and the prosecutor Alfheim asked Cappelen whether he remembered or guessed.

– This I remember. What happens is that I get a message that the cargo is gone. I don’t remember how we met, but he says that he is taken and that no one showed up. Then he told a little bit about the interrogation of this person, ” said Cappelen.

According to the indictment, there was introduced 400 kilos of hashish from the Netherlands in april 2010, and 300 kilograms in may. At the time, traveled Cappelen back and forth to Thailand and the Netherlands.

Alfheim, put forward a series of text messages where Jensen writes “News?” while Cappelen is in Thailand.

Here we are waiting for a transport from the Netherlands, all together, ” says Cappelen, who believes the contact was linked to the arrival of 400 pounds in the spring of 2010 and “Mr. Good-phone”.

VIDEO: Gjermund Cappelen explains how the cannabis resin came to Norway.

Contact in the Netherlands knew about Jensen

According to Cappelen he also got information if someone were to take mottakerapparatet. This could, for example, be appropriate if Customs tried to make a so-called “controlled importation”, in cooperation with the police.

According to Cappelen provided Jensen for that buyers and the ringleaders were not captured, only the driver.

Here comes Eric into the picture, if he knows that it is planned a seizure, then there is no one who meets the trailer, ” he says.

Cappelen also claims that his contacts in the foreign countries knew about the alleged cooperation with the Jensen.

– Yes, in any case, one of them. They thought it was a good security measure. Down on the continent, there are close relationships between the police and criminals. To help each other, and he in the Netherlands was not a bit surprised about it, ” he says.

Cappelen has explained himself about the details of their own business, but refuses to give the name to their own suppliers.

– Leverandørleddet is problematic. It is associated with very great risks for me if I start to explain. It is not the people he kødder with, and it would just about be suicide to talk about it, ” he says.

Benedict de Vibe about Gjermund cappelen in his explanation.

Fire: – Pure storytelling

Eirik Jensen’s defender John Christian Fire call it Gjermund Cappelen has told in court Monday was “a waiting” explanation.

He was a horrible little concrete. It seems that he was more concerned to check with the indictment about what he has told voices, than to explain what has actually happened, ” says the Fire.

He also believes it is striking that Cappelen told him, that he they sought meetings with the police began to negotiate as low a punishment as possible.

– We noted that he will have a low penalty and that he might want to get rid of the penalty in its entirety, and that it has been motivating for him. What are the other things that have motivated, we need to come back to.

Jensen himself was clearly not happy, shaking her head and rolling her several times with my eyes during cappelen in his explanation.

How has it been for Jensen to hear this?

Jensen perceive this as pure storytelling.

Gjermund Cappelen continues his explanation on Tuesday. The prosecutor Alfheim should then continue to ask questions to narkotikasmugleren.

the Trial of Eirik Jensen

Gjermund Cappelen started his explanation on Tuesday morning. Cappelen claims Eirik Jensen has received 8,5 million. kr to notify…

– Jensen was “Mr. Good”


Trump is causing the United states acting attorney general after that she would not defend … – the Newspaper.en

President Trump has deposited the United states acting attorney general after she said the ministry would not defend presidentordren about innreisenekt for refugees.

Sally Yates, who was appointed by the Obama administration, served as attorney general in anticipation of that Donald Trumps candidate Jeff Sessions to be approved in Congress.

Got fired

Monday she got fired after she had said that as long as she sat at the helm, would the justice department not to fight in court to defend Trumps contested presidentordre about refugees.

Acting attorney general Sally Yates has betrayed the justice department by refusing to impose a legal order, which is designed to protect the United states citizens, called in a sharp statement from The white house.

She shall be alleged also to be “weak when it comes to boundaries and very weak when it comes to illegal immigration”.

Earlier in the evening tvitret Trump his dissatisfaction with the Yates.

“the Democrats expose my kabinettvalg solely for political reasons. They have nothing else cause than to obstruere. Now I have an Obama-justice minister”.

Obama breaks a long tradition - criticize Trumps travel restrictions

Would not defend the order

Yates, who, at Trump’s request, saying yes, to sit as minister of justice until the Session was approved in Congress, and withdrew the legality of the Trumps presidentordre in doubt.

- I is responsible for ensuring that the legal position we take is in line with this institution’s commitment to pursuing justice and standing for what is right, writes Yates in a letter to the lawyers in the ministry, according to the New York Times.

- Currently, I am not convinced that it’s to defend presidentordren is in line with this responsibility, and I’m also not convinced that the order is lawful.

Dana Boente take over now as minister of justice, until the Session is accepted and inserted.

- I will defend and exercise the laws in this country to ensure that our people and our nation is protected, says Boente.

Trump has introduced a temporary travel restrictions for travelers from seven countries with predominantly muslim population and for refugees.

For the syrian refugees apply innreiseforbudet for an indefinite period of time, while other groups yet to be denied entry into the country in a few months.

Spokesperson for The white house, Sean Spicer, has warned government officials that don’t agree with Trump’s plans, in the wake of the government circulated a so-called dissensnotat against presidentordren.

- these karrierebyråkratene a problem with it? Either they should stick to the program or as they can go, ” said Spicer.

Allotted a boss

is Also the acting chief of customs and border control were deposited on Monday. Again, there is talk about a etatsleder who was appointed by the Obama administration.

the Message that Daniel Ragsdale had to go from the job came an hour after Yates was sacked, but it was not given any reason for the dismissal.


Kim Kardashian goes in the throat of Trump with the facts about muslims in the united STATES

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Gjermund Cappelen: So I was stormugler – VG

the OSLO district COURT (VG) As Gjermund Cappelen (50) from Bærum was a teenager he began his life with marijuana and crime – a life that finally ended in courtroom 250 in the Oslo district court.

Quite early skeiet I out. My parents divorced when I was five years old, and I got a new family situation where I had scaling problems.

So began Gjermund Cappelen its free explanation in the Oslo district court, where he stands indicted for the importation of large quantities of marijuana to Norway in over 20 years and gross corruption. Cappelen acknowledges straffskyld for everything.

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Hasjbaronen took the Tuesday morning space in vitneboksen in the Oslo district court in order to start on their free explanation about hasjbutikken and the relationship to the former politilederen Eirik Jensen. Wearing blue jeans, white shirt and dark blue sweater, he took the word with a clear and distinct voice.

Been criminal since the 1970s

Initially described Cappelen a difficult childhood where he did poorly at school and smoking cigarettes from the time he was 9-10 years old. He went often to visit his father in the City, especially during weekends and holidays.

When I was 12-13 years old I started to hang out with a nabogutt, the aforementioned plumber (who cleaned up the bathroom for Jensen in 2005-2006). We røyket marijuana together, drove motorcycles and scooters and did the burglary. Which started the path that ended here, explained Cappelen.

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Hasjbaronen further explained that he barely completed high school, and that he’d rather worked at a gas station twice a week instead of sitting at school.

<p>LISTEN: The former politilederen Eirik Jensen (59) is done with his explanation to the court. He sits behind his defenders and hear on the Cappeles testimony.</p>

LISTENING: The former politilederen Eirik Jensen (59) is done with his explanation to the court. He sits behind his defenders and hear on the Cappeles testimonies.

Photo: Tore Kristiansen

— I stole money from the cash desk, røyket cigarettes and marijuana. I got barely diplomas of the high school, explained Cappelen.

After the primary school moved Cappelen to his father in the City and lived with him permanently. Crime characterized his life more and more, and he started with the purchase and sale of hashish.

– One grams. Ten grams of. Small things, to sustain me in it – to my family’s great despair over the fact that I don’t innordnet me the community and took care of the family instead, explained hasjbaronen.

The first arrest

At this time, in the 1980s, was Cappelen a part of a group of friends who sold hashish in a larger and larger scale, over kilosklassen, according to him. In parallel with this business, it was still committed burglary, while the cannabis resin began to take over large parts of their lives.

In 1987, Cappelen arrested in connection with a burglary where he and friends stole down jackets. Cappelen set for the first time in custody, while her partner was pregnant. The following year he became a dad for the first time.

I did not learn anything of the time in custody and continued with hasjsalget. In October 1988 I was charged with and prosecuted for the 15 kilograms of cannabis resin. I was then imprisoned until the spring of 1991, explained Cappelen.

(Article continues below VGTV-clip…)

In the prison related Cappelen new contacts with people who ran with the marijuana and other crime. When Bærums-man was released, he continued on with hasjbutikken.

There was no brake in me at the time, and I wound myself into a new case with a time. I was prosecuted for the importation of 100 kilograms of hashish and put in custody for two months in 1992, explained Cappelen.


in the Summer of 1992: Cappelen claims that he got a break in these months. He ended up in an environment where not only was røyket marijuana, while also stronger substances. It was experimented with cocaine and heroin, according to him.

It took the upper hand on me after a while. Heroin is dependent on quite quickly, and there I was, explained Cappelen.

In January 1993, Cappelen apprehended by the Oslo Plaza hotel, along with two other high-profile criminals. The police suspected him to drive with marijuana in a large scale, without finding anything by search warrant.

Instead, took the police to the seizure of the amphetamine and weapons, which were linked to the two other men that were taken in the same case. Cappelen, however, was questioned, and it was in one of these interrogations he met Jensen for the first time.


– Not appropriate to accept more – Daily


There have been pleas to the government to accept more kvoteflyktninger after that Donald Trump closed the border for people from the seven selected countries.

– After rekordtilstrømmingen with over 31.000 asylum seekers in 2015, we have more than enough to integrate those who have come to Norway already. Our country is in the world, to contribute both to the humanitarian assistance in the neighbouring areas and by to bring out the real refugees through the united nations. It is not applicable for the the progress party and the government to increase this quota. It is a very uncertain international situation, and we saw last time what happened when you sent out signals to accept far more refugees. It meant that we broke all records and got three times as many asylum seekers as in a normal year, says Listhaug in an e-mail to Dagsavisen.

yesterday on NRK opened Øyvind Halleraker (H), who is the deputy head of the foreign relations committee of Parliament, for that Norway should consider to accept more kvoteflyktninger.

But the Right tilbakeviste quickly this. In a press release, writes the Conservative parliamentary leader Trond Helleland that Right is by stortingsforliket about asylum and flyktningpolitikken.

– Right has no intention to change this settlement, ” he.

Neither the Ap is willing to accept more:

– I is enough initially worried that Europe should follow this up by saying that we stand ready if the united STATES does not take its obligations. I think in the worst case can reinforce his reluctance to accept refugees, says Anniken Huitfeldt to NRK.


Helgesen got ulverefs in Parliament – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

–When one is frozen for much by ulveforliket, as we believe the government has done with its understanding of the law, there is unrest. We agreed that the conflict should be mitigated. Where are we not, and it gives the government a huge responsibility, ” said Hans Olav Syversen (KrF).

the Parliament debated Tuesday Helgesens statement to Parliament 17. January. He defended the da’s decision to allow the felling of a few of the wolves that the local rovviltnemndene had permission to.

the party’s Terje Aasland believes the government "parked Parliament’s will".

I find little in the report that bears the stamp of an inherent willingness to implement the decision the Parliament adopted in June, he said.

Marit Arnstad (Sp) went far in implying lack of confidence Helgesen:

-We are faced with a minister who does not follow up a storting and not took the effort to inform about it, she said.

She believes Helgesen early last fall should have informed the Storting that it would be difficult to follow up ulveforliket.

After such behaviour, one must ask oneself whether one can have confidence in the government’s ability to follow up the Storting’s decision, she continued, and added that the government’s follow-up will also be crucial.



Donald Trump fired the United states acting attorney general – NRK

Acting attorney general Sally Q. Yates has made it clear in a letter that she will not defend Trumps contested presidentordre about the travel restrictions in court.

Many have threatened with legal action after Trump refused the refugees and the citizens of seven muslim countries in the middle East entry into the united STATES.

Have been fired

In the letter, which the New York Times reviews, ” says Yates that she is not convinced that the order is legitimate. The letter should be sent to the lawyers in the justice department.

– I is responsible for ensuring that the legal position we take is in line with this institution’s commitment to pursuing justice and standing for what is right. Currently, I am not convinced that it’s to defend presidentordren is in line with this responsibility, and I’m also not convinced that the order is legal, writes Yates.

Now confirm The white house that Yates is deposited from the job as U.s. acting attorney general.

Acting attorney general Sally Yates has betrayed the justice department by refusing to impose a legal order, which is designed to protect the United states citizens, called in a sharp statement from The white house. She shall be alleged also to be “weak when it comes to boundaries and very weak when it comes to illegal immigration”.

Read more: Will not defend the Trump-order

GAVE the MINISTER FIRED: U.s. president Donald Trump.

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Boente takes over

According to The white house to Dana Boente, a veteran federal attorney general, take over Yates’ tasks until the Sessions are approved and committed.

Boente said in a statement that he revoke the directive from Yates, at the same time that he gives the employees of the department of justice told to do his duty and defend “the lawful orders of our president”.

Yates was appointed by former U.s. president, Barack Obama. It was expected that she nevertheless would have been replaced by Jeff Sessions in a short period of time, which is picked out of the Trump, as soon as he approved in Congress.

Allotted a boss

Also the acting chief of customs and border control were deposited on Monday. Again, there is talk about a etatsleder who was appointed by the Obama administration. The message that Daniel Ragsdale had to go from the job came an hour after Yates was sacked, but it was not given any reason for the dismissal.

Ragsdales replaces, Thomas Homan, will help “to ensure that we innvandringslovene being implemented in the united STATES in line with the nation’s interest”, says the minister for domestic security, John Kelly.

Trump has introduced a temporary travel restrictions for travelers from seven countries with predominantly muslim population and for refugees. For syrian refugees comes innreiseforbudet for an indefinite period of time, while other groups yet to be denied entry into the country in a few months.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Taxi driver robbed and beaten up by five people – NRK

The 46-year-old drosjesjåføren was sent to the Haukeland university hospital after a robbery at Helleveien in Outer Sandviken in Bergen on Monday night.

the Driver was going to meet a previous customer to get paid for a uoppgjort trip. When he appeared, he was met by five people who went loose on the man.

He was attacked by several people and stripped of any of the assets. He got away and notified us, ” says operasjonsleder Lars Geitle in the West standings.

Then went the man to the emergency room with injuries in the face and head. They sent him on to the Haukeland. Drosjesjåføren is now written out from hospital.

Through the explanation to drosjesjåføren took the police to a home near where the heist happened. Where caught the five people.

They are now in jails, and being put in custody. Questioning will be taken in the course of the morning. They have no history with the police from before, without that I can go into detail on what criminal relationships, ” says Geitle.

The pågrepne of the matter is two women and three men, between 28 and 51 years.


AUF-leader Mani Hussaini believes that Trump should be denied entry to Norway – NRK

If we are to follow the logic of his, so I think he is a danger for our democracy and the western values. When can Norway say that Trump is not welcome in Norway, ” says Hussaini and refers to the fact that the leader of the british labour party have advocated the same.

The us president’s controversial presidentordre (see information below) about refugees and immigrants has led to strong reactions around the world.

– Was not rid of syrian citizenship

Millions of people are denied the now entry into the united STATES. Mani Hussaini believe that his birthplace, Syria, also mean that he is one of them.

Trump has among other things introduced travel restrictions on 90 days for people from seven muslim countries, including Syria.

Hussaini is a Norwegian citizen and has a Norwegian passport. He says that he has tried to remove their syrian citizenship, but that the message from the syrian embassy is that it is not possible.

– So it is likely that I had not come into the united STATES now, says he to NRK.

Facts about Trumps travel restrictions

* Us president Donald Trump signed on Friday an order for comprehensive changes in the United states utlendingspolitikk to prevent “radical islamic terrorists” to come to the united STATES.

* Refugees are denied admission to the united STATES for a period of 120 days.

* Syrian refugees are locked out indefinitely, or until the has been good enough that potential terrorists can exploit the weaknesses in the system.

* the Introduction of a general travel restrictions in the 90 days for people from the seven predominantly muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

* the Prohibition also applies to travelers who have dual citizenship, if one of them is from one of the seven countries.

* Presidentordren also includes the people who today have a work permit in the united STATES.

* Only 50.000 refugees will be allowed into the course of the budget year. It is more than a halving of obama’s limit of 110.000.

* the ministry of Defence and the ministry of foreign affairs to plan for the security zones in Syria to provide protection to syrians who are escaping from war.


– Conflict with western values

AUF leader says that he has thought long on how to respond to Trumps presidentordre. There are two particular words that he is left with: Dangerous and stupid.

Dangerous, because it increases the contradiction between people, religions and countries. Lame, because it, among other things, leads to a ungdomspolitiker from Norway now doubt whether he is welcome in the united STATES.

– I have lived in Norway for 18 years and is ungdomspolitiker. I spend all my time on that the community will be better, and so says the leader of the most powerful democracy in the world that “you can’t come in”. It’s just stupid, ” says Hussaini and continues:

– There is no doubt that the line Trump leads are in conflict with western values, that says that all people are of equal worth, regardless of how one looks, what one believes in and where one is born.

Young Right: – Hole in the head

According to Hussaini should therefore the Norwegian authorities respond with travel restrictions against Trump.

the Young Right-leader Kristian Tonning Riise calls the proposal “one of the tåpeligste” he has heard in a long time.

I’m no fan of Trump, to say the least, but to deny the Us president entry to the Uk is simply a hole in the head, ” he says.

– With or without Trump, the united STATES is our closest ally. That a small country like Norway should set out with US on the way, would have thrown Norway into a foreign and security-political uncertainty of the dimensions.

Also, FpUs chairman, Bjørn-Kristian Svendsrud, believes Manis proposals will make matters worse.

– It will not really result in much more than less international influence for the Uk, something the Uk is little benefit.


New proposal to resolve up ulvestriden – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

on Monday evening gathered partigruppene to the Right, the progress party, the Labour party and the christian democratic party has to find a solution on the inflamed ulvestriden, and after the NTB experience come the calls to run out in the night hours.

on Tuesday comes the case once again up in the Parliament. Then the climate and miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) up on the pulpit to explain why he says no to lisensjakt on the wolf in the ulvesonen.

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Several thousand ulvemotstandere gathered also on Monday – in front of the Parliament. Armed with sticks and cowbells came steadily “Vidar must go – Vidar must go” outside Parliament. According to police, they were around 2.500 in the ulvedemonstrasjonen, which is the second in just over three weeks.

Along the way had the protesters, however, be able to withstand fyord from ulveforkjempere and dyrevernere.

– Shame you! Pass on the sheep their ‘myself’, was the message.

Extending the fellingstiden

Before christmas, it was decided to cut the number of fellingstillatelser as the local rovviltnemndene had granted, from 47 to 15. No wolves were killed within the ulvesonen, specific Helgesen, who showed that the current legislation does not allow for the licence in the zone.

on Monday notified the Climate and miljødepartementet that they go into in order to extend the fellingstiden in ulvesonen with six weeks or up to 31. march, so the progress party and several other parties have proposed.

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On the evening of the same day informs the progress party’s member of parliament, Morten Ørsal Johansen, that the party has put forward a new proposal to implement the licence to the wolf in ulvesonen.


Helgesen justify the expansion of the lisensjakten with the desire to take account of the information now coming in from the radio marked wolves.

It is appropriate to expand lisensfellingsperioden in ulvesonen this winter to take account of new knowledge that continuously comes from the radio marked the wolves. The information from the marking will provide a better basis for assessing the felling, he says.

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If, for example, would prove that the wolves are closer to buildings than previously thought, there may be an argument for the yet to open for lisensjakt on the wolf this winter.

Director Erik Lahnstein in Norges Skogeierforbund believe the statement is a clear signal from the government.

– the Government is obviously on the slips. But it is of little worth with the extended jakttider if you are not allowed to shoot the wolf anyway, he says to NTB.

– Unethical

Miljøpartiet De Green responds, however, strongly on the extension of the hunting season, which the party believes is unethical.

– This means that the opening to shoot the wolf after that paringstida has started, ” says MDG-spokesperson Rasmus Hansson of the NTB. He fears that pregnant females or males who provide food to their young, are being shot.

Naturvernforbundet believe organizations o


The u.s. attorney for Jensen: – It is you who is narkotikaetterforskeren! – NRK

attorney general Lars Erik Alfheim is the second last of which sets the korrupsjonstiltalte Eirik Jensen questions in court. Alfheim is the prosecutor in the part of the case that applies Gjermund Cappelen, and have a number of questions to Jensen about the relationship between the two old partners.

Jensen claim Cappelen only was his informant or source, and claims he gave large amounts of valuable information about crime over several years. Cappelen claims on his page that he paid Jensen for the information he used as a part of his very extensive narkotikavirksomhet.

the Prosecutor Alfheim listed in the right up a variety of nickname, which refers to the quality of the cannabis resin Cappelen traded. The concepts were among other things used in connection with the criminal case against cappelen in his narkotikanettverk in the Asker and Bærum district court.

– do you Know what “BMW” is?

A car, or motorcycle, replies Jensen.

What with “Dior”? “The eagle”? “F12″?

Jensen shakes his head, all the way to Alfheim ask about the “B7″.

– It is a vitamin, replies Jensen.

the Police beslagsbilder in the case against cappelen in his narkotikanettverk. Top left is from another hash of the type of “F12″.

Photo: Police / NRK

– Took the information he had

It is clear that the prosecutor Alfheim believes it is striking how little Jensen seems to know about cappelen in his narkotikavirksomhet. Later ask the public prosecutor also whether Jensen has some thoughts about how Cappelen could have as in-depth information about the hasjmarkedet in Holland.

– I have never thought much of. I’ve accepted the information he had, ” says Jensen.

Jensen has previously explained that the Gjermund Cappelen, also known as GT007 in the police informantregister at the beginning of the 90′s, had very good knowledge about narkotikavirksomhet and hasjruter in Europe.

Nevertheless, claims Jensen that he had no knowledge of that Cappelen even dealing with serious crime, before he was indicted in 2013. Cappelen in his defense doubts this, and let in court Monday forward documents showing that Jensen got the information about Cappelen from another criminal in 2001.

DAY 13 IN COURT: Reporter Martin Fjørtoft interviews attorney general Lars Erik Alfheim after the thirteenth day of the case against Jensen and Cappelen.

– It is you who is narkotikaetterforskeren

In court on Monday, says Jensen, that he never spoke with Cappelen about the purchase prices of cannabis resin. He changes, however, explanation when Alfheim reading from an interrogation with Spesialenheten after the arrest in 2014.

In the interrogation tells Jensen that Cappelen was very good to tell about the buy-in of the various hasjtypene. Alfheim also, ask about Cappelen ever told Jensen about how the settlement for drugs happened.

– No, I don’t remember, ” says Jensen.

– Were you not interested in knowing a little bit about it?

– If it doesn’t say anything about it there, so I was not there.

– Yes, it says about it here. But it is you who is narkotikaetterforskeren. Are you not interested in to tell something about this, ” says the prosecutor Alfheim, clearly annoyed.

What do you mean? If he said it, I have relayed it. Perhaps it was general information, answers Jensen.

the Trial of Eirik Jensen

Monday was the last day of the Eirik Jensen’s explanation, and the first hours passed for closed doors. Jensen said he and Gjermund…

the Right is raised

“A motherfucker to follow with”

Alfheim reading from another interrogation with Spesialenheten, where Jensen says that Cappelen is “a motherfucker” on to follow through on drug seizures because it is his interest. In court, tells Jensen that Cappelen had a good bearing on how the marijuana was transported into Norway. This was the knowledge Kripos asked Jensen, and Jensen went to Cappelen to get answers.

Cappelen told then that it cost 500 million to transport a kilo of cannabis resin from Spain to Norway. Alfheim asked then more questions about how Cappelen be able to know this, and how he had these contacts.

– Have you not thought about it in 20 years?

– No, I’ve been pretty cynical. I have not set many control issues. I think most people have who practice in this profession.

– Was it because you were afraid to get an unpleasant answer?

– I asked not the question because I receive information and brings it closest to the indiscriminate on. I think I have found out more than enough. It was worth the effort, in a way, ” says Jensen.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim (t.v.) and Jensen’s defender John Christian the Fire.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

– wouldn’t it be nice to get stopped this?

Alfheim also documents an interrogation from Spesialenheten, where Jensen says that Cappelen has told that it came in 350-400 kilograms of hashish to Norway every third week. The prosecutor believes that it is very much marijuana.

– Wouldn’t it be a fantastic cause to get stopped this, ask Alfheim?

– That’s what we did with another operation, but the information did not come from him, ” says Jensen.

Also tingrettsdommer Kim Heger bet itself noticed in the vast amounts marijuana, and wonder whether or not the Jensen asked Cappelen about this.

– You have not experienced something about this, has this been deliberate?

– Yes, but to drive to the extent he should have done, he may not have done anything else. But have been up to snuff and watches. I thought it had a main focus, ” says Jensen.

Eirik Jensen is finally finished with his statement in Oslo district court. The trial is already several days in arrears.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

– Was very motivated

the Prosecutor also wonder if Jensen has any conception of why Cappelen shall have given information over a number of years. According to Jensen, it has only happened two times that Cappelen received compensation for the work.

Jensen says Cappelen 70.000 million in compensation for the work he laid down in connection with the Flydropp case. He shall also have received a compensation for the work that made that the royal treasures stolen from Oscarshall at Bygdøy in 1991 was returned in 1995.

Jensen claims the main reason that the “GT 007″ was so keen, was that he thought it was exciting to work as informant.

– I think he was very motivated. It sounds a bit silly, but I think he had the motivation to clean up. I don’t think he was comfortable with how this took off. He has well been between two evils, ” says Jensen, who now has explained himself in almost twelve rettsdager.

Tuesday is the narkotiltalte bærumsmannen to take vitneboksen. At the same time, five men meet in the Borgarting court of appeal. Three of the five were in 2015 convicted in the Asker and Bærum district court to be a part of the cappelen in his narkotikanettverk. The last two were condemned for having bought the hash of bærumsmannen.

Tuesday will Gjermund Cappelen begin his statement in Oslo district court.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

– Stupid to lend money

At the end of the day it was tingrettsdommer Kim Hegers turn to ask Jensen questions. Heger wondered, among other things, if there’s anything he could have done differently to avoid ending up in the situation he has landed in.

I could have stopped with the informants. In a way, it is a calculated risk that some turn back, for different reasons. I had said no to this when I started gjengprosjektet, and said no to the national project, I could have had a quiet life, ” says Jensen.

What to not lend money to the sources, for example, ask Heger.

– It was stupid. There are a lot of stupid I have done, and that to lend money is well some of it.

. In the right has Jensen explained confirmed that he had handed over the money of the Cappelen inside a car around late november/December 2013, i.e. shortly before the Cappelen was arrested. Spanere was witness to the meeting, that really made that Jensen was involved in “Operation Silent”. According to Jensen was Jensen money repayment of a loan he had given Cappelen.

Tingrettsdommer Kim Heger would know if Jensen could have done something different, not to end as accused in a criminal case.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix


Ulvejakt-parties meetings Helgesen with ulve-dictation – VG

Klimaminister Vidar Helgesen (H) will get on Tuesday morning a new ulvediktat from the Parliamentary majority: He must change the rules so that also discomfort for the population in ulvesonen can lead to ulvejakt.

Monday night the parties behind the Parliamentary ulveforlik – Right, Right, Ap and KrF – agreed to put further pressure on the government and klimaministeren, which in December stopped the decision to drive lisensjakt on the wolf in the ulvesonen east of Glomma in Eastern norway.

According to the School, information will Helgesen to be met with a demand by the Parliamentary majority to open for lisensjakt in the year, if it can be documented that the wolves in the zone cause the people that live there significant disadvantages, although it is not directly harmful to people or pets, which was Helgesens main argument against lisensjakt this winter.

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Ulvetimen Tuesday

Parliament has set ulvedebatt on the agenda on Tuesday morning.

While several hundred protesters to the benefit of the ulvejakt was howling outside Parliament on Monday afternoon, they met four parties that stood behind the ulveforliket to reconcile a common proposal before the debate about Helgesens ulve report earlier in January, come to the treatment in the Parliament.

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New case to the Parliament

<p>EXPANDS: The climate and miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) will extend the jakttiden on the wolf to 31.march.</p>

EXPANDS: Climate and miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) will extend the jakttiden on the wolf to 31.march.

Photo: Trond Solberg, VG

Within 10.april must Helgesen put up a case for Parliament, so that the parties behind ulveforliket get a new opportunity to define what to to to reduce the population down to the agreed level.

In the proposal that the four parties go together, and which they promote in Parliament on Tuesday morning, there is also a requirement that the government must change the regulations, and a guide that puts the hardcore limits when ulvejakt can be triggered.

Refuse to change the law

The four parties wanted to push forward an amendment, but the Right and the political Right had to turn the thumb down for this. In regjeringspartienes cooperation agreement with the Left and This says that the nature diversity act may not be changed in this election period,

According to vg’s information, there has been contact with the Left about this, but the Left refuses to revoke this clause in the Oslo agreement from 2013.

Need to avoid mistrust

But in order to avoid that the proposal can be read as a direct mistrust of the Helgesen not to have met the ulveforliket from June of last year, there is no direct requirement from the majority that it should be carried out lisensjakt this winter, according to vg’s information.

This has been a crucial demarcation for the government, because the two regjeringspartienes own stortingsgrupper parties in ulveforliket.

the Ap and the Progress has also not expressed any interest to put the matter on the tip so that it could trigger this design was proven, VG-lit,

the Opening is, however, in the recently conducted radiomerkingen of the wolf: If the GPS tracking shows that ulveflokkene roams in the immediate vicinity of inhabited areas, the government is still open for the so-called felled as nuisance of single individuals.

Expands with six weeks

on Monday afternoon, confirmed the minister that he makes that the majority in Parliament will ask for in ulvedebatten: Extend the hunting season by six weeks, until 31.march.

It was obviously necessary to get forlikspartiene in the face:

I am very happy with the expansion. Helgesen has now full support in the Parliament to take out more animals, ” says Harald Nesvik, the progress party’s parliamentary leader to VG.

Helgesen says in a press release that an extended jaktsesong will give the government more time to read the data of the ulvenes behaviour and moves from radiomerkingen which was completed early in January.

If it turns out that the wolves are closer to the buildings in ulvesonen than it was previously thought, so it will be the new arguments that the government need yet to open for lisensjakt on the wolf this winter.

We believe that it is also possible to justify the felling with other conditions, such as social and economic impacts in the ulvesonen, says Nesvik.

– In the debate on Tuesday, it must be clarified when the minister will come back to Parliament and explain in concrete terms how he intends to now bestandsmålet, ” says Terje Aasland, Aps energy and spokesman on the environment.

Article continues below the video.

Helgesen has several times since said that it is impossible for him to fathom any other decision, out of the knowledge that existed when he made his decision in December

If he now has got new knowledge out of radiomerkingen in January, it can provide Helgesen arguments he needs to get a parliamentary majority and the furious partifeller in the inland, in the meeting, and allow any hunting this season, get the VG-lit.

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Q: Used tricks for trainers

Sp-the leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, who is from Norway, believes the case has been miserably handled by the government from day one:

– Helgesen should soon say that he was wrong before christmas, that he should have followed up the Storting’s decisions. But if he really believes what he says, he should have notified the Parliament far earlier, perhaps already in the last summer, that the Parliament’s decision was in conflict with the law. and then notified an amendment. He has all the time wanted more wolves. Until now he has used all possible tricks to coaches, says Vedum to VG.

Sp was not with the ulveforliket that established the current bestandsmålet for the wolf, and will probably promote their own proposals in Parliament on Tuesday.


Ask Listhaug consider to accept more refugees – Daily


the Call from the KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide and Left-leader Trine Skei Grande comes after the Conservative foreign policy spokesperson, Øyvind Halleraker, opened for that Norway should accept more refugees as a result of the Trumps travel restrictions for persons from seven muslim countries.

– There can be many countries which should accept these refugees, and Norway is one of them. We need to look at what opportunities we have in the Uk to accept more kvoteflyktninger as a result of the new situation in the united STATES, said Halleraker (H) to the NRK on Monday.

Shortly after sent the Conservative parliamentary leader Trond Helleland out a press release where he stressed that the Right stands at the stortingsforliket about asylum and flyktningpolitikken and that the party does not have plans to change it.

this measure was also refuted by the innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp), which gave a clear message that it is not relevant for Norway to accept more refugees.

Hareide and Grande does, however, provide its full support to the Halleraker, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

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Refers to the asylforliket

Sector leader points out that Listhaug through asylforliket is committed to assess how many kvoteflyktninger for Norway to say yes to.

– I think Halleraker black well. We have an agreement about 8.000 in the period. We agree to consider it’s towards the end of the period. Listhaug is obligated to consider the number of kvoteflyktninger through the agreement we have. There is no way to believe that we are unaffected by other country’s events. But when we open the discussion, we should do it with other countries and commit more to do as Norway has done, ” says Hareide to the DN.

Grande also refers to the asylforliket from 2014.

– Norway is among the five countries which receives the most kvoteflyktninger. It is awesome. It is an agreement the Right not to, but as Sylvi Listhaug be so good just need to implement, ” says Grande.

She believes the war in Syria gives Norway a reason to accept more refugees, while Hareide refers to the low ankomsttallene in the last year compared with previous years.

– If we can increase the number and few more countries in Europe to do the same, it will be good. Listhaug need to see that there were a large number who applied here in 2015, a low number in 2016 and even lower in the year. It means that we have a capacity to accept more than what we thought when we entered into the agreement. The UDI has pointed out that we should accept more kvoteflyktninger. This is also kvoteflyktninger we can’t help where they are, like christians with the cross, journalists and gays, says Hareide to the same source.

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Not applicable

Norway has more than enough to integrate the refugees who came in 2015, believes Listhaug.

– After rekordtilstrømmingen with over 31.000 asylum seekers in 2015, we have more than enough to integrate those who have come to Norway already. Our country is in the world, to contribute both to the humanitarian assistance in the neighbouring areas and by to bring out the real refugees through the united nations. It is not applicable for the the progress party and the government to increase this quota, ” says innvandringsministeren to the NTB.

– Norway is taking a huge responsibility by accepting the kvoteflyktninger through the Un office of the high commissioner and in relation to population, Norway is one of the countries that receives the most, she points out.

Nor does the Labour party want to increase the number of kvoteflyktninger.

– I is enough initially worried that Europe should follow this up by saying that we stand ready if the united STATES does not take its obligations. I think in the worst case can reinforce the Trumps resistance to accepting refugees, ” she says to NTB.

Norway takes the time against 3.120 kvoteflyktninger annually through the UN system – in addition to asylum seekers who come by themselves. The storting has also decided that Norway, in the course of the last year, and this year will receive 1.500 asylum seekers found in Italy and Greece as a voluntary contribution to the Eu relokaliseringsprogram.

Friday signed Donald Trump is a order where all the refugees are denied admission to the united STATES for 120 days, and syrian refugees are locked out indefinitely. He also introduced a general travel restrictions in the 90 days for people from seven muslim countries.

at the same time beating Trump stated that 50.000 refugees will be let into the united STATES during the current budsjettår. Under Barack Obama, was the limit 110.000 annually.


32-year-old charged with felony murder in Røyneberg – Aftenbladet.en

A 32-year-old man is charged with felony murder of a man in the 50′s at Røyneberg.

A 32-year-old man was arrested the clock 15.59. He is charged with felony murder. The 32-year-old was put in arrest, and is now attended to by health. The police do not want at the present time to say something about the relationship of the defendant and the deceased, writes the police in a press release Monday morning.

– Siktedes health and information in the case suggests that one must clarify his mental health condition in gjerningsøyeblikket, ” says Erik W. Rand, påtaleansvarlig lawyer in the South-West police district.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

The left removes the proposals on inheritance tax – Today’s Business

the Left choose to not study models for the inheritance tax. Young Left the alerts for the replay.

the Article is added to your reading list.

” We have taken a round on it, and found out that stortingsgruppa can take the initiative for such an evaluation completely independent of the program, explains the Left-the deputy chair Terje Breivik of the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

the Discussion about the inheritance tax has been given new impetus after the Labour party presented its skatteplan for the next four years. Nor does the Ap go into too taxing inheritance in the next stortingsperiode.

They should at least keep it for those with high wealth, “says the French economist Thomas Piketty, as previously stated that it is a historic mistake by the Labour party to say’ no ‘ to implement the employee’s social security contribution.

Want debate welcome

Breivik would welcome a debate about this in congress in the spring. The leader of the Young Left, Tord Hustveit, says this is one of the issues they will lift up.

There was a lot of resistance in the political party against this, but we think nevertheless it is a pity that the programme committee will not go in for such consideration.

Hustveit says it should pay to work, and they propose, therefore, to reduce taxes on work. They believe that a tax on inheritance can be a way to finance this.


The left removes the proposals on inheritance tax – Romsdals Budstikke

We have taken a round on it, and found out that stortingsgruppa can take the initiative for such an evaluation completely independent of the program, explains the Left-the deputy chair Terje Breivik of the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

the Discussion about the inheritance tax has been given new impetus after the Labour party presented its skatteplan for the next four years. Nor does the Ap go into too taxing inheritance in the next stortingsperiode.

They should at least keep it for those with high wealth, “says the French economist Thomas Piketty, as previously stated that it is a historic mistake by the Labour party to say’ no ‘ to implement the employee’s social security contribution.

Breivik would welcome a debate about this in congress in the spring. The leader of the Young Left, Tord Hustveit, says this is one of the issues they will lift up.

There was a lot of resistance in the political party against this, but we think nevertheless it is a pity that the programme committee will not go into for such a study. (©NTB)


Serious dykkerulykke on Norway – NRK

the Man was transported to Stavanger university hospital, but life was not to save. 14: 00 came the message that the man is dead.

We are now working to get notified the next of kin, ” says operasjonsleder Jarle Utne-Reitan at the South-West police district.

FATAL: Close by the scene of the accident is this sign, and people advised against to pass the sign at the powerful sea.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

It was during a dive at the Blikshavn on Karmøy island, that the man from Grimsby was reported missing. According to the police, and he knocked himself unconscious after a fall when he was going to take him up on land.

He was unconscious when he was taken up from the water, ” says operasjonslederen.

NTB reports that the man who died was a 38 year old man from Poland.

Was dragged out of the sea

The first message about the incident came at around 12.30. Around 25 minutes later informs the police that the diver is transported to Stavanger university hospital.

because of the waves managed not to get out to retrieve him from the water, ” says Utne-Reitan.

Both kystvaktskipet KV Tor and redningsselskapets “Bergen Kreds” was called. In addition, was attended by a Sea King helicopter.

the Helicopter came first, then they got taken down to the water to retrieve him.

rough SEAS: Waves made it difficult for rescuers to reach out to the man. A Sea King helicopter took him down and got picked he up.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

Dive with the camera

According to the Haugesund Newspaper there should have been two foreign men, living in Haugesund, has been diving in the area. The man was on the way up on country once again when he was taken by the surge peradventure.

It was when they were going up on land that the man fell and knocked himself unconscious. He disappeared out on the lake again, ” says operasjonslederen to the newspaper.

Loading map, please wait…


Considering the boycott of the northern lights – NRK

the minister of justice, and meant for Troms Fremskrittsparti, Per Willy Amundsen, is contemplating to boycott the newspaper Aurora in the election, writes VG.

the Background is a facebook-debate Saturday night, in the wake of an article like the northern lights published earlier in the day. According to the article can’t Progress to guarantee that there is something of the construction of the new E8 through Ramfjorden outside Tromsø.

the Source for the case was state secretary in the ministry of transport and communications, the right’s Tom Cato Karlsen, who in the weekend visited the general assembly in Troms Frp.

Nightly discussion on facebook

Karlsen was not, however, agree with the newspaper’s approach and wrote Saturday night on Facebook:

“oh my god, the northern lights?! Seriously?! Have you not the slightest shred of yrkesstolthet? That of course I can’t leak anything about the upcoming National transport plan, means not that it is the hook on the door for the E8. This is the “fake news”, Skjalg Fjellheim, and it is embarrassing to see that you do not have any understanding of the process”.

- Unworthy of the attorney general, believes political editor Skjalg Fjellheim.

Photo: Private

the Political editor of the northern lights, Skjalg Fjellheim, responded like this:

“the northern lights have not either written or meant that it is the hook on the door. Should we let la mayor Kristin Røymo get to speak? This is when a completely natural part of the political debate. Load up now, not on the Trump-rhetoric, it is wise to. The most important thing should be to focus on to get built one way your party has promised the residents of Tromsø”, wrote the Mountains.

during the evening and night continued facebookdiskusjonen, and involved also the three FrP cabinet ministers Per Willy Amundsen, Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Per Sandberg.

“the northern lights and Skjalg Fjellheim will not understand, Tom Cato. My experience is that self-awareness is non-existent in Pravda”, wrote Per Willy Amundsen.

Screenshot from the sad facebookdiskusjon.

the Day thereupon says Amundsen to NRK that he has long been critical of the way the northern lights reviews Troms Fremskrittsparti.

This has been going on over time. Northern lights produces unbalanced journalism, obviously angled negative for the Progress party, ” says Amundsen.

He believes the Labour party has free rein in the northern lights, and that the newspaper is far more critical of the right than the left.

the city Council in Tromsø (consisting of the Right, the Progress party and the Left, journ anm.) in the previous period had a completely different medfart of the northern lights, ” says Amundsen.

Have for years featured the northern lights as “Pravda”

Harstadværingen Per Willy Amundsen took over as minister for justice before christmas.

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According to Amundsen there was, however, sad articles in connection with the annual meeting in Troms conservative party that got the cup to overflow.

. We had a good meeting in the weekend, where the general assembly let the conflicts to the side and chose to look forward and work together towards the elections. The northern lights were present at the meeting, but chose smooth to ignore this. Instead, they continue to write about “skittentøysvask “and “intrigue”, says Amundsen.

What did you think of the kind of language used in the debate?

– the use of Language confirms that the northern lights have a political editor with a bad case and that will not admit error. Instead, you choose to feel offended. It is not something new that I will refer to the northern lights as Pravda. What I have done in many years. But it’s clear that Skjalg takes close to of this. However, it is not my problem and confirms just that I hit a tender point, ” says Amundsen.

Now consider the thus, Amundsen boycott of Aurora in the forthcoming election.

– We will discuss this in Troms the progress valgkamputvalg, for this is a matter we take seriously. If the northern lights are not able to create balanced fabric in its coverage of Troms conservative party, we should consider whether we at all is served by to relate to the northern lights in the election, ” says Amundsen.

He points out that the he in this case argue that the progress party meant in Troms and not the minister of justice.

– I don’t sit in the valgkampkomiteen in the capacity of being attorney general, ” says Amundsen.

– Unworthy of a minister of justice

It is serious that a regjeringsparti boycotts will boycott a Norwegian newspaper, which raises the question of whether the party intend to fulfil their election promises, says the political editor of the northern lights, Skjalg Fjellheim, to NRK.

According to Fjellheim will the newspaper continue to cover the FrP on a maktkritisk way also in the future.

It is our job, on behalf of our readers. So it is up to the conservative party if they will answer our questions, says Fjellheim.

– Amundsen says you have taken the close of the that he through the years has mentioned the northern lights as Pravda?

” I take me not near of it. It is shameful that a minister of justice attacks a newspaper in this way. It has also never happened before that a minister of justice, operates so on the social media. It suggests a new debattklima where the conservative party is trying to nulle the redaktørstyrte the media in Norway, says Fjellheim.

Inquirer editor-in-chief

editor-in-chief Helge Nitteberg in the northern lights set surprised to the threat of boycott.

Photo: Klemet Anders Sara / NRK Sapmi

editor-in-chief in Aurora, Helge Nitteberg, set surprised to Amundsen’s overtures, and call it a boycott of the free Norwegian press.

– It is very undemocratic of nature, and it is a paradox of the rare that a representative from the government in one moment refer to the Aurora as “Pravda” and then in the next moment just want to talk with the media he likes. It is strongly reminiscent of the regime “Pravda” represented, ” says Nitteberg to NRK.

According to the Nitteberg, it is quite natural that the northern lights ask the Right questions about the construction of the E8 through the Ramfjorden.

– This is an important issue for Tromsø, where voters four years ago it was the promise of a bompengefri E8. When we ask questions about this to the secretary of state, is it strange that you go from a promise four years ago to now not being able to say anything. It is a mockery of the voters and a mockery against the free and independent press. One tries to turn away from politics to rhetoric and hersketeknikk, says Nitteberg.

Ask Erna to talk with Amundsen

Now think sjefredaktøren that prime minister Erna Solberg must have a talk with Per Willy Amundsen.

About Erna Solberg accepts a boycott, I am even more alarmed. Now, I expect that she rush out and embraces democracy. All presseorganisasjoner to be treated equally and not be threatened into silence through boikottaksjoner, says Nitteberg.

– What happens now with the case from the northern lights’ page?

the Ball is on their side. Voters in the state of minnesota and our readers are entitled to know what Erna Solberg, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Per-Willy Amundsen do with the main samferdselssaken in the county of Troms. It is our focus, ” says Nitteberg.

– Need to rub in your eyes

Professor Kjell Arne Røvik is surprised Amundsen’s campaign against the northern lights.

– You need to rub in the eyes. A minister of justice who, in the middle of the night hammering away at the press and threatens a boycott. This is very special, ” says Røvik to the northern lights.

He thinks there is something unorsk of what is happening now.

It has hitherto been a sort of gentleman’s agreement, a framework for how the press and the politicians relate to each other. Amundsen has undoubtedly moved some grensepåler here, ” says Røvik.

the Acting secretary general of the Norwegian press association, Nils E. Øy believe, according to the northern lights that Amundsen has appeared objectionable.

I think it is highly objectionable by a minister to speak in this way, when it comes to a question of the government’s policy to do. If it is so that he or his party is so dissatisfied with a newspaper, and this should have been over a long time, I expect that he and the party also takes this up in a complaint to the Commission Professional Committees, says Island to the northern lights.