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Bishop Kvarme stop due to illness – Adresseavisen

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In 60 years, Unicef has been the football team to the departing Oslo bishop Ole Christian Kvarme. But, nevertheless, he remained in Oslo when he leaves the bishop.

68-year-old Kvarme has decided to step down as bishop because of an eye disease. He will have his last day at work the 30. september. Avskjedsgudstjenesten his held in Oslo cathedral on Sunday 3. september, informs the church in a press release.

Raised in Trondheim

Ole Christian Kvarme is raised in Trondheim, norway. To the Impulses he states that he moved from Trondheim to begin to study in 1967, but he was back as sommervikar in Adresseavisen in 1968. The first few years he lived on the Island before the family moved to Bournemouth when his father was pastor of the Hill church. As an adult he has lived mostly in Oslo, but also in Norway and in Haifa and Jerusalem in Israel. He calls the Hebrew language for his second language.

– Knowledge of jewish tradition have enriched my own faith and I greatly appreciate your friendship to both israelis and palestinians, ” he says.

Kvarme has a theological education from the school of theology in Oslo. Kvarme also has the Hebrew letters from the University of Oslo. He has among other things been misjonsprest for The Norwegian Israelmisjon before he was a bishop – the first in the Castle, and then in Oslo. In the 19 years he has been bishop.

Controversial appointment

homo question did Kvarme controversy when he was appointed as Gunnar Stålsetts successor in Oslo. The reason was that he supported a proposal that the priests who lived in same-sex relationships should not be appointed in the church.

In 2015 voted Kvarme, nevertheless, that the church can consecrate same-sex couples.

It is true that I was contentious, he says.

I got a steep learning curve in relation to the media, but felt to be well received in the wards and districts, ” says the present bishop of the day. He states that homo question has been controversial in the church, and that it has been important for him that the church holds together and attends a christian consensus despite these controversies.

When Kvarme was inserted by the then Nidaros bishop and preses of the Norwegian church, Finn Wagle, said Wagle that utnevningsprosessen had been unreasonably long and demanding.

– Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman

Next week Kvarme to Trondheim, norway where the annual Synod once again to treat the homo question. Then there is the question of the liturgy for the access marriage of likekjønnede couple that are on the agenda. He tells us that he has not yet decided what he is going to vote.

For me, it is essential that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, ” says Kvarme. He sees, however, that it is the plural to devote likekjønnede couple of and believes that it is important to preserve the unity of the church.

I’ve all the time supposed that a liturgy that opens for access marriage of likekjønnede is not in accordance with what we confess with point of departure in the christian tradition. At the same time, there is a new situation in the church and I am going to take a position on the issue during the Council.

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church of norway and trosopplæring

But it is not only homo question that has characterized the church in the 19 years he has been bishop. He has also been instrumental in the dissolution of the state church.

– I have looked forward to the transition from state church to open national church. I am really excited and think it will be good both for the church and for our community.

– The most important renewal in our church these years have been in trosopplæringen among children and young people. In Oslo, the changes in population meant that we have had to merge the wards and realise that not a few churches. It has also renewed our diakoni, cooperation with the migrantmenigheter and meeting with people of other faiths, writes bishop Ole Christian M. Kvarme in his avskjedsbrev to the Council.

Possible successors

According to NRK wants an Open national church, which has the majority both in Bispedømmerådet and in the Consistory, a liberal successor. Among the favorites is Sturla Stålsett and the secretary-general in Kirkenes Center Olav Fykse Tveit.

– the Process of finding a new bishop starts on bispedømmerådets meeting in February, and the new bishop will be elected at the Kirkerådets meeting in september, ” says bispedømmerådets leader Gard Sandaker-Nielsen.

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