Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Defying the 500 kg heavy flybombe – the Defense expects big bang – NRK

LAST: Spreningningen is postponed to tomorrow, says the Norwegian Armed forces the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

Bursting would originally happen in the 14-time in the day.

It is flybomben which was found at Laksevåg in Bergen on Tuesday to flooded. Also a further three items of the defense think is the other bombs, to be destroyed.

Found at old ubåtbunker

the Bomb was found outside the old ubåtbunkeren as German soldiers built in 1941. It is not known where the bomb came from, but the british forces tried to bomb the bunker 4. October 1944.

When 193 civilians were killed, as a result of that 1432 british bombs were released over Laksevåg.

One of the theories is that it originated from the british bombing of ubåtbunkeren. It is a goal that we know has been known, ” says spokesperson Brynjar Stordal by the Norwegian Armed hovedsentral.

One of the biggest bombs

He tells us that bombefunnet is special.

” We get in excess of 300 enquiries in the year, where we are asked to destroy the explosives around the country. This is a relatively big bomb was dropped from an aircraft in the vicinity of Laksevåg, says Stordal.

the Bomb weighs 500 kilograms.

This is one of the largest bombs which are in normal use during the war. There are other bigger bombs with a special purpose, but that flybombe, this is a great type of bomb, definitely. I will not say that it is regularly that we find so large bombs, he says.

LAKSEVÅG: Here at the old ubåtbunkeren on Laksevåg, was the bomb and the other three objects are found.

Photo: Stian Sørum Røkenes / NRK

Lay on the bottom

Sprengningsstedet Wednesday is outside of Kvarven, a headland between Kjøkkelvik and Gravdal in the Fjord surrounding Bergen.

the Site is shallower than where the bomb was found, and bursting will cause less pressure waves, according to Stordal.

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We do this to damage the least amount of fish and other things that are in the area, ” he says.

Work with to move the bomb began in the 10-time.

the Navy minedykkerkommando has stated that they first want to secure the straps on the bomb to move it. Then they will add on an extra burster.

the Bomb has been bunnslammet on the ocean bottom for decades, so we don’t know what condition it is in. Explode both of the two, will there be a larger explosion. No matter it is large, says Stordal.

Båttrafikken will be directed away from the site, and it is set up a security zone in the surrounding area.


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