Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Politiansatte have little faith in the police reform – ABC News

a Total of 5.786 politiansatte have responded to the survey that forms the basis for a new report from researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB). It is equivalent to over one-third of all employees in the police.

Only 13 percent of the respondents agree that nærpolitireformen will contribute to a more visible and accessible police. Furthermore, only 19 per cent agreed that the reform will contribute to more effective crime-fighting.

-This should worry our new minister of justice, and the other with responsibility for the implementation of the nærpolitireformen, ” says phd candidate Helge Renå by the Department of administration and political science at the University in a statement.

It was the NRK who first talked about the report on Tuesday evening.

-Would have had other figures

This was violently. We look the closest to a totalslakt from the police’s own people over the government’s prestisjereform, says Centre party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum to NRK.

the Survey was sent out in the summer of 2016. The minister of justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (progress party) says to NRK that he believes the survey is out of date. On the question of what he thinks about that only 19 per cent agree that the reform will contribute to more effective crime-fighting, responding minister:

-Yes, but this is a survey that was done last summer, i.e. in the initial phase of the reform. Now we come much further in implementation of the reform.

-in other words, I think that if you had taken a similar survey today, so I’m quite sure that you would get other numbers. The reform is academically justified, and something the police want, ” says Amundsen.

More support among leaders

In the survey, only 4 percent of the respondents agreed that the reform will contribute to less centralization of law enforcement resources, while only 15 per cent agrees that the reform will contribute to a strengthening of the crime prevention work to children and young people.

In addition, responding less than a third that they believe the reform will have positive implications for their own work, write Politiforum , who also talked about the report on Tuesday.

the Proportion of leaders in the police force who are positive to the reform, is greater than among regular employees. However, the majority of the leaders also skeptical, called it in the report.


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