Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ulstein Verft to build the world’s largest hybridskip – E24

the Color Line and the Ulstein Verft has on Tuesday entered into a memorandum of understanding for the construction of the world’s largest hybridskip.

This is seemingly good news for the sunnmørsverftet, who for a long time has struggled with difficult market conditions.

” We have been a offshoreverft, but the market is more or less gone for a period of time. Therefore, we have used some resources to readjust us to the other kinds of segments, ” says administerende director Kristian Sætre to E24.

on Tuesday, the country the company is also a contract on the servicebåter of the windmills, in addition to hybridfergen, which is ordered by Color Line.

 <p><b>BLACK PÅ WHITE:</b> Sales manager Rolf Petter Almlid, managing direktør Kristian Sæthree and direktør Eva Kristensen at Ulstein Design &amp; Solutions signs contract with Color Line.</p>

BLACK ON WHITE: Sales manager Rolf Petter Almlid, managing director Kristian Sætre and executive director Eva Kristensen at Ulstein Design & Solutions signs contract with Color Line.

– This is now a very different segment than we have worked with for at least the past 20 years, but we’ve seen opportunities to take variations in individual markets. This gives us more legs to stand on, ” says Sætre.

From Sandefjord to Strömstad

When E24 hit the chairman of the board and deputy ceo Tore Ulstein under the confederation of Norwegian enterprise årkonferanse, he mentioned exciting opportunities within the segment “ropax” – ferries both taking passengers and cars.

It was reported today, however, is something out of the ordinary.

Color Line-the ship will be the world’s largest hybridskip, according to today’s announcement.

It will be 160 metres long, have a capacity of approximately 2.000 passengers and 500 cars and provide significantly increased capacity on the route.

the Plan is to put the ship into the traffic between Sandefjord and Strömstad from the summer season 2019.

In the message it is stated otherwise, that the ferry is a so-called “plug-in hybrid”, which means that its batteries will be recharged via a power cable from a landstrømanlegg or from the ship’s generators on board.

– When it applies that it is a hybrid, does it mean that the ship has conventional diesel engines, plus batteries, ” says Sætre.


the contract price is in excess of one billion.

Ulstein director of hope now that they can avoid multiple permitteringer and termination.

It is hoped, of course. This puts us at least able to have better predictability one period ahead, ” he says.

Ulstein buy however the hull from abroad, which means that the award will get the full effect of the yard first, a little back in time.

– So we probably at least expect a period forward with the still reduced activity, ” says Sætre.

– Breakthrough

It has also been known for a while that the Color Line wanted to build a larger hybrid ferry, and this has been well received from several quarters.

– This is groundbreaking, ” said Bellona leader Frederic Hauge in a comment when the case was known.

He praised the forward operator.

This brings us closer to the vision of emission-free uk, and once again shows that the Color Line is not just talking – they are doing something, ” said Hauge.

the Environment was also an important factor for the Color Line.

– We have the ambition to be the leader in the european nærskipsfart, and “Color Hybrid” is a new proof of this, said ceo Trond Kleivdal in Color Line in the fall.

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