Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ap proposes to increase taxes by 15 billion – the NRK

We propose a moderate increase in the rate of tax of up to 15 billion in the course of the past four years, ” says Aps fiscal spokeswoman Marianne Marthinsen to the NTB.

Thus continues the parts of the skattelettelsene Right and the political Right have given. Erna’s government has cut taxes by 21 billion since October 2013.

According to Today’s Businesses want the Labor party first and foremost to sharpen the taxes significantly for anyone who earns over one million dollars and have large fortunes.

It is spring, united in the Labor party who has the last word in the matter.

Facts about Aps tax scheme

* In 2021 will however be up to 15 billion higher than today, according to the proposal from party a programme committee.

* the net wealth tax will be increased by 5 billion.

* 5 billion in increased taxes, of which 3 billion is klimarelatert

* 3 billion as a result of, among other things rentebegrensing and finansskatt

* 2 billion in increased income taxes

* Increased income tax will affect those with incomes over 600,000 crowns. Tax increases with your income.

* Revenues under 600.000 in a year will receive between 1 and 266 million less in taxes.

* the employee’s social security contribution will not be reintroduced.

* the Government Solberg has overall reduced the taxes by around nok 21 billion.

(Source: Dagens Næringsliv)

No new inheritance tax

Marthinsen says the proposal has a recognizable Ap-profile.

Three of the four will get approximately unchanged or slightly lower income tax with our program, ” she says.

the programme committee will not enter for the restoration of the employee’s social security contribution, despite the fact that Ap was an outspoken critic when the government removed this.

Now believe the Ap that the employee’s social security contribution to a small extent hit them with the largest fortunes.

corporate taxes should be reduced in line with the skatteforliket, and fagforeningsfradraget will be increased. About half of the skatteøkningen be on high incomes and fortunes, while the rest benefits on the sealing of the skattehull and taxes especially aimed at greenhouse gas emissions, continues Marthinsen.

Right: – Ap takes the far steps to the left

From the hovedmotstander Right does not allow reactions to wait on themselves. Deputy chairman Jan Tore Sanner believes the Ap is now taking a long step to the left in the skattepolitikken.

– Now we get a new skattedebatt in Norway. Previously the debate was about formueskatten, now Ap raise tax for ordinary people. Ap increases taxes on owned jobs and regular income. This will make it more expensive to create Norwegian jobs.

$ TAX: Right-deputy chairman Jan Tore Sanner criticizes the Ap for both to take too little and too hard in his proposal for a new tax policy.

Photo: Vegard Lilleås / NRK

Right-top mean Aps tax scheme means increased taxes for everyone who has a job, owns a house, car or cottage. At the same time guarantees him that Right will not raise taxes by one dime if they get to continue in government after the election.

Sanner mean at the same time that the Ap should taken even harder in whether they should be able to meet its own promises.

– If the Ap shall fulfil all the promises they have given it the last time, either the Ap to cancel the promises on the ongoing ties in the new charters, or they need to raise taxes far more than it now says, ” says Sanner with reference to the earlier calculation Right has done that shows that some of the Aps election promises will cost up to 30 billion.

A: – Incomprehensible

But a step to the left of the Labour party, in the SV, are they also not from of excitement over the Aps new skatteforslag.

NOT ENOUGH TAX: socialist left, Snorre Valen are disappointed that the Ap will not reverse any skattekuttene from the bourgeois government.

Photo: Larsen, Haakon Mosvold / NTB scanpix

It is almost incomprehensible when the Ap is criticizing the Conservative usosiale and unfair tax cuts in four years, and then embrace a third of them, says the socialist left fiscal spokesperson Snorre Valen of the NTB.

He points to the fact that six billion of the government’s tax cuts of 21 billion in this period continued in the Aps suggested program, which runs for up to 15 billion in increased taxes in the next stortingsperiode.

A want instead to raise taxes for those who have the most, but lower taxes significantly on the “common and low” income.

Støre says he thinks of the community

Ap-leder Jonas Gahr Støre believes the proposed tax programme will facilitate employment, value creation and fair distribution, at the same time as it contributes to the financing of the welfare fellesskapsløsninger.

– We must ensure a better match between revenues and expenses in order to be able to maintain our financial ability to solve the tasks we want to solve in the community, ” says Støre.

He thinks Ap has greater ambitions in this area than the coalition parties Right and conservative party.



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