Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The government get the ”marching” to open for more ulvejakt – ABC News

Three hours to the outspoken criticism of the border to mistrust. Only the few ulvevennene in the Left, MDG and SV was Right-the minister, who went back to the office with the information to read Natumangfoldsloven again. Helgesens decision to say no to the felling of the majority of wolves that local rovviltnemnder had said yes to, created fiery debate in Parliament on Tuesday.

-When one does too much at ulveforliket, as we believe the government has done with its understanding of the law, there is unrest. We agreed that the conflict should be mitigated. Where are we not, and it gives the government a huge responsibility, ” said Hans Olav Syversen (KrF).

the coalition parties Right and the progress party, as well as the Ap, joined the criticism.

-This is about the implementation of the Norwegian Parliament has decided, and there’s some ironing, without a doubt, ” said Morten Ørsal Johansen (Frp).

Helgesens partifelle Gunnar Gundersen believes the minister has created a distrust of the rovdyrforvaltningen and the laws.

Considering distrust

the central party considering the distrust against the minister. The parliamentary leader Marit Arnstad believes Helgesen much earlier should informed the Parliament about the problems with fulfilling the Storting adopted bestandsmål.

After such behaviour, one must ask oneself whether one can have confidence in the government’s ability to follow up the Storting’s decision, she continued, and added that the government’s follow-up will also be crucial.

The four parties behind ulveforliket in the year (H, Fp, Ap and KrF) presented before the debate what they believe will be the solution to the controversy. The government has interpreted the Naturmangfoldsloven too narrowly, they believe, and asks Helgesen consider the rules again, with a deadline of 10. march.

–There is a deadline that has a lot of nerve in it, when it comes to the confidence one should have in the government’s follow-up of a very clear stortingsflertall, ” says Terje Aasland (Ap)

He leaves little doubt that he thus believes Helgesen need to open in order to shoot more wolves.

We have been instructed to assess the legal framework again, and we’re going to do, ” says Helgesen to the NTB.

the Minister not agree

He rejects allegations that he has not complied with opplysningsplikten. He is also not agree that the basis for the legal assessment have been carried out, with the help of lovavdelingen in the department of Justice, has been too narrow.

-Now we need to get some time to look at the decision and see how we take it further, ” says Helgesen

Ulvens defenders of the Parliament is highly critical of the majority order and the criticism of Helgesen.

It is very strange that there are so many who use such strong words against a government minister who, after all, only follows the law. We shall after all be controlled by law, ” said Liberal party, Ola Elvestuen.

Bård Vegar Solhjell of SV believes the Parliament has been informed about the dilemmas, and accuse the Right and the Labor to have been the "support group for special interests".


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