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The u.s. attorney for Jensen: – It is you who is narkotikaetterforskeren! – NRK

attorney general Lars Erik Alfheim is the second last of which sets the korrupsjonstiltalte Eirik Jensen questions in court. Alfheim is the prosecutor in the part of the case that applies Gjermund Cappelen, and have a number of questions to Jensen about the relationship between the two old partners.

Jensen claim Cappelen only was his informant or source, and claims he gave large amounts of valuable information about crime over several years. Cappelen claims on his page that he paid Jensen for the information he used as a part of his very extensive narkotikavirksomhet.

the Prosecutor Alfheim listed in the right up a variety of nickname, which refers to the quality of the cannabis resin Cappelen traded. The concepts were among other things used in connection with the criminal case against cappelen in his narkotikanettverk in the Asker and Bærum district court.

– do you Know what “BMW” is?

A car, or motorcycle, replies Jensen.

What with “Dior”? “The eagle”? “F12″?

Jensen shakes his head, all the way to Alfheim ask about the “B7″.

– It is a vitamin, replies Jensen.

the Police beslagsbilder in the case against cappelen in his narkotikanettverk. Top left is from another hash of the type of “F12″.

Photo: Police / NRK

– Took the information he had

It is clear that the prosecutor Alfheim believes it is striking how little Jensen seems to know about cappelen in his narkotikavirksomhet. Later ask the public prosecutor also whether Jensen has some thoughts about how Cappelen could have as in-depth information about the hasjmarkedet in Holland.

– I have never thought much of. I’ve accepted the information he had, ” says Jensen.

Jensen has previously explained that the Gjermund Cappelen, also known as GT007 in the police informantregister at the beginning of the 90′s, had very good knowledge about narkotikavirksomhet and hasjruter in Europe.

Nevertheless, claims Jensen that he had no knowledge of that Cappelen even dealing with serious crime, before he was indicted in 2013. Cappelen in his defense doubts this, and let in court Monday forward documents showing that Jensen got the information about Cappelen from another criminal in 2001.

DAY 13 IN COURT: Reporter Martin Fjørtoft interviews attorney general Lars Erik Alfheim after the thirteenth day of the case against Jensen and Cappelen.

– It is you who is narkotikaetterforskeren

In court on Monday, says Jensen, that he never spoke with Cappelen about the purchase prices of cannabis resin. He changes, however, explanation when Alfheim reading from an interrogation with Spesialenheten after the arrest in 2014.

In the interrogation tells Jensen that Cappelen was very good to tell about the buy-in of the various hasjtypene. Alfheim also, ask about Cappelen ever told Jensen about how the settlement for drugs happened.

– No, I don’t remember, ” says Jensen.

– Were you not interested in knowing a little bit about it?

– If it doesn’t say anything about it there, so I was not there.

– Yes, it says about it here. But it is you who is narkotikaetterforskeren. Are you not interested in to tell something about this, ” says the prosecutor Alfheim, clearly annoyed.

What do you mean? If he said it, I have relayed it. Perhaps it was general information, answers Jensen.

the Trial of Eirik Jensen

Monday was the last day of the Eirik Jensen’s explanation, and the first hours passed for closed doors. Jensen said he and Gjermund…

the Right is raised

“A motherfucker to follow with”

Alfheim reading from another interrogation with Spesialenheten, where Jensen says that Cappelen is “a motherfucker” on to follow through on drug seizures because it is his interest. In court, tells Jensen that Cappelen had a good bearing on how the marijuana was transported into Norway. This was the knowledge Kripos asked Jensen, and Jensen went to Cappelen to get answers.

Cappelen told then that it cost 500 million to transport a kilo of cannabis resin from Spain to Norway. Alfheim asked then more questions about how Cappelen be able to know this, and how he had these contacts.

– Have you not thought about it in 20 years?

– No, I’ve been pretty cynical. I have not set many control issues. I think most people have who practice in this profession.

– Was it because you were afraid to get an unpleasant answer?

– I asked not the question because I receive information and brings it closest to the indiscriminate on. I think I have found out more than enough. It was worth the effort, in a way, ” says Jensen.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim (t.v.) and Jensen’s defender John Christian the Fire.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

– wouldn’t it be nice to get stopped this?

Alfheim also documents an interrogation from Spesialenheten, where Jensen says that Cappelen has told that it came in 350-400 kilograms of hashish to Norway every third week. The prosecutor believes that it is very much marijuana.

– Wouldn’t it be a fantastic cause to get stopped this, ask Alfheim?

– That’s what we did with another operation, but the information did not come from him, ” says Jensen.

Also tingrettsdommer Kim Heger bet itself noticed in the vast amounts marijuana, and wonder whether or not the Jensen asked Cappelen about this.

– You have not experienced something about this, has this been deliberate?

– Yes, but to drive to the extent he should have done, he may not have done anything else. But have been up to snuff and watches. I thought it had a main focus, ” says Jensen.

Eirik Jensen is finally finished with his statement in Oslo district court. The trial is already several days in arrears.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

– Was very motivated

the Prosecutor also wonder if Jensen has any conception of why Cappelen shall have given information over a number of years. According to Jensen, it has only happened two times that Cappelen received compensation for the work.

Jensen says Cappelen 70.000 million in compensation for the work he laid down in connection with the Flydropp case. He shall also have received a compensation for the work that made that the royal treasures stolen from Oscarshall at Bygdøy in 1991 was returned in 1995.

Jensen claims the main reason that the “GT 007″ was so keen, was that he thought it was exciting to work as informant.

– I think he was very motivated. It sounds a bit silly, but I think he had the motivation to clean up. I don’t think he was comfortable with how this took off. He has well been between two evils, ” says Jensen, who now has explained himself in almost twelve rettsdager.

Tuesday is the narkotiltalte bærumsmannen to take vitneboksen. At the same time, five men meet in the Borgarting court of appeal. Three of the five were in 2015 convicted in the Asker and Bærum district court to be a part of the cappelen in his narkotikanettverk. The last two were condemned for having bought the hash of bærumsmannen.

Tuesday will Gjermund Cappelen begin his statement in Oslo district court.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

– Stupid to lend money

At the end of the day it was tingrettsdommer Kim Hegers turn to ask Jensen questions. Heger wondered, among other things, if there’s anything he could have done differently to avoid ending up in the situation he has landed in.

I could have stopped with the informants. In a way, it is a calculated risk that some turn back, for different reasons. I had said no to this when I started gjengprosjektet, and said no to the national project, I could have had a quiet life, ” says Jensen.

What to not lend money to the sources, for example, ask Heger.

– It was stupid. There are a lot of stupid I have done, and that to lend money is well some of it.

. In the right has Jensen explained confirmed that he had handed over the money of the Cappelen inside a car around late november/December 2013, i.e. shortly before the Cappelen was arrested. Spanere was witness to the meeting, that really made that Jensen was involved in “Operation Silent”. According to Jensen was Jensen money repayment of a loan he had given Cappelen.

Tingrettsdommer Kim Heger would know if Jensen could have done something different, not to end as accused in a criminal case.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix


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