Friday, January 27, 2017

Man died in the ski resort of Hemsedal – Norwegian broadcasting corporation

A Swedish man in 40s has been killed in connection with skiing in hafjell alpine centre of Hemsedal.

Police reported that the deceased probably lost control on the road.

– Probably he has been in the groomed trails, had a great speed and lost control and ended up in when inside of a tree on the side of the trail, ” says Håvard Gåsbakk, operasjonsleder in the police to NRK.

Got life-saving help

Innsatsleder in the police, the Stone Smestad

Photo: Gunnar Grimstveit / NRK

the Man should have received medical attention before he died.

– Luftambulansen was on the spot and ran with lifesaving first aid for about an hour before a doctor confirmed the death.

the Accident should have happened in the Tine, which is the name of a ski lift that is located high up in the ski centre.

We can confirm that there is a fatality in the ski resort. A person who has run out of the trail in Tine, has been found dead, says Andreas Smith-Erichsen at Skistar Hemsedal to NRK.

He did not want to comment on something out of it.

Police confirms to NRK that the deceased is transported out of the ski resort.

More accidents than usual

It is tragic when that happens a death. It is absolutely terrible and stuff you always wish that had not happened, ” says kommunelege in Hemsedal, Harald Lystad.

He tells that it the last few weeks have been more accidents than usual, because even if there is plenty of snow in the trail so it is bare on the outside.

We have had some accidents the last few weeks where people have slipped out of the trail and down in both the heap or stubs. But fortunately we have not had any serious injuries in connection with it, ” explains Lystad and add:

the Problem is that when it is so smooth and the people keep the default speed, if they then fall, as they continue almost to accelerate down the buttocks. You brakes not in the snow that we often do otherwise.

He says that the precautions in the alpine ski resort anyway is the same as in the rest of the year, whatever the conditions.


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