Sunday, January 29, 2017

Man killed in dykkerulykke – Aftenposten

All emergency services responded to the Blikshavn on Karmøy island, after it came a message about a serious dykkerulykke by 12.25-time on Sunday.

When police arrived at the place of the clock 12.34, they saw a man who was floating in the big waves out in the sound, ” says operasjonsleder Jarle Utne-Reitan in the South-West police district to Haugesund Avis.

the Diver should have knocked himself unconscious in a fall when he was going to take him up on land, reported the South-West police district on Twitter at 13.15-time.

Operasjonslederen says more foreign men engaged in diving in the area.

– It was when these were up on land, that the man in the 30-years fell and knocked himself unconscious. He disappeared out on the lake again, ” says Utne-Reitan.

the Diver was transported to Stavanger university, and at the 14-time came the message they feared.

I have received a message from the hospital in Stavanger that he is dead, ” says operasjonslederen.

Died during diving in SøgneMann died in dykkerulykke on Sunnmøre


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