Friday, January 20, 2017

Attorney general took a judo-throw on the overgrepstiltalt – VG

When the overgrepstiltalte man went berserk in court, he did not know that førstestatsadvokat Morten Yggeseth (65) is a former Norwegian champion in judo.

The 49-year-old man is accused of extensive abuse of his two daughters over several years, in addition to the sexually abusive behavior towards a young boy. He is also indicted for threats against the family of the boy. He did not acknowledge straffskyld for some of the atrocities.

When the trial began in Oslo district court on Wednesday, was mood aggressive from the start, after the 49-year-old to have come with the rough harassment and threats against the daughters.

This was notarised by the judge, ” says lawyer Mette Yvonne Larsen.

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– He flew through the air

When the defendant is not allowed to sit in court while his daughters explained to him, he shall, according to the assistance of counsel have been greatly annoyed.

After he got told to keep quiet by the judge Per Gammelgård, rolled on he table and went to the attack on the two female polititjenestemennene who was present in court. When he put up resistance, took Yggeseth affair.

I experienced it as he flew through the air. In any case, he took beinkrok on the defendant, placed him in the ground and twisted his arms behind her back, ” says a lawyer Mette Yvonne Larsen.

She commends the district attorney for the resolute conduct, both on behalf of itself and the two daughters of the man.

He was today’s hero, no doubt about it.

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– Would come to the aid

Yggeseth is a former Norwegian champion in judo, has participated in two world championships and is an honorary member of the Norwegian Judoforbund.

Police did their job completely by the book, but he put up resistance. I walked away to calm him down, and when he tried to nod to me, ” says Yggeseth.

Then he took hold of the defendant and conducted a so-called osoto-gake, or beinkrok.

Førstestatsadvokat Jørn Maurud says it is rare that statsadvokatene have to intervene physically in the court.

– We have the famous “tigerspranget” in the Torgersen-case, but by then it was juryformannen that intervened. Attorney general Dorenfeldts role limited itself well to shout “put him in the iron”, says Maurud.

Førstestatsadvokaten is also glad that his colleague intervened.

He has told me that he would get the two officials to the rescue, says Maurud.

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