Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jensen shared up deposits in Norway but not in Sweden – VG

the OSLO district COURT (VG) the Prosecutor suspects that the former polititoppen Eirik Jensen (59) began to divide up the deposits because he was misinformed about this notification requirement.

In court Tuesday, the enlightened prosecutor Kristine Schilling that valutaregisterforskriften states that the amount of 5000 nok will be notified to the authorities. Varslingsgrensen for deposit in the bank in the shop, which Jensen used, however, is higher.

– you Have misunderstood the rules, ask Schilling.

I don’t think I have thought of something like that, ” says Jensen, and miss the point to the prosecutor.

Spesialenheten for police matters believes Eirik Jensen has received funding from the hasjsmugleren Gjermund Cappelen for information about police activities and bemanningssituasjon.

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During the ongoing trial, they have documented a number of cash deposits over several years. Jensen can’t explain exactly where the money comes from.

Metrics that Spesialenheten have done shows that the Jensen from march 2012 to may of the same year had access to the 55.000 million in cash.

– It is the amount of money I’ve saved. And I have sold motorcycles and dogs were used to pull, ” says Jensen.

– So you don’t remember anything specific about the deposits, ask Schilling.

– No, replies Jensen.

Split up the contributions

15. December 2011 at 17.29 put Jensen into 4500 money at Råholt in Upper Romerike. 42 minutes later, he put in 4500 million in Eidsvoll.

the Prosecutor Kristine Schilling thinks it’s suspicious that Eirik Jensen parts up kontantbunken.

– It is only a few hundred metres between the two locations, ” says Jensen.

– Yes, it makes the question even more relevant, answering the prosecutor.

Eirik Jensen innskuddsmønster has also been the theme in the right.

The former politioverbetjenten has explained this with the fact that he has lived an unusual life with threats from criminals and that he in this connection has added to it a certain amount of special habits.

Jensen has even referred to the practices as “obsessive”.

Other pattern in Sweden

In court Wednesday meted Kristine Schilling up a number of cash deposits over several months in 2012 that no one is above nok 5000, with the exception of the Jensen has done in Sweden. They are all over 5000 dollars.

I have sold things, I have sold cars, and dogs were used to pull, many things. I’m talking about the rituals. That is how I have done it, repeat the Jensen.

– But you have not always done it that way. In October 2011, start to go under 5000 in Norway, ” says Schilling.

I may not need more money, replies Jensen.

– But you share it up and put in more money, says Schilling.

Jojo, replies Jensen.

– But is it so that the obsessions don’t turn out in Sweden, ask the judge Kim Heger.

“No,” says Jensen, and adds later:

– It is possible I feel safer when I’m down there. There is no link to me in Sweden, ” says Jensen.


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