Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This is the world’s most corrupt countries – NRK

Over two-thirds of the 176 countries in this year’s corruption index from Transparency International, experience a greater degree of corruption.

Somalia is once again the most korrupsjonsutsatte country on the list of world’s most corrupt countries, while South-Sudan, North Korea, Syria, and Yemen follows closely behind.

Denmark is the world’s least corrupt countries, while the Norway in the year end up on the sixth of korrupsjonsindeksen – behind New Zealand, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.


Guro Slettemark, secretary general of Transparency International Norway, says it is difficult to give a good explanation of why the Uk time and time again makes it worse than its neighboring countries.

Guro Slettemark, secretary general of Transparency International.

Photo: Transparency International

– It is not very large scores that distinguish these countries. But in Norway we have had some pretty severe and large korrupsjonsskandaler, who might have been on to raise awareness of the Norwegian population that we actually have challenges in Norway too, ” she says.

The annual survey ranks countries according to how corrupt their public sectors are perceived on a scale from 1 – 100, and gjennomsnittsscoren among the 176 countries located on 43.

None of the countries on the list are considered completely korrupsjonsfrie.

Countries that rank high usually have a greater degree of freedom of the press, access to information on public spending and independent legal systems.

Corrupt country

Those countries that is at the bottom of the list to be dominated by corrupt public services, where both the police and the justice system can bestikkes. The index is based on figures from the world bank, The african development bank and the swiss business school IMD.

this Year’s results highlight the relationship between corruption and lopsided power-sharing, believes José Ugaz, chairman of Transparency International.

In too many countries, people are deprived of their most basic needs. They go to bed hungry because of corruption, while those who are powerful and corrupt, enjoying a lavish lifestyle with impunity, he says.

Less corruption

Qatar has had the biggest fall on the index, from 71 points in the last year to 61 points in the year.

And it could probably be seen in conjunction with FIFA and the construction of the soccer world cup, where it was found that several major violations of human rights, ” says Slettemark.

this Year’s results for Europe in general is tight up against the results in the previous year. Ukraine shows a small improvement by 2 points on the scale.

Timor-leste, Laos and Myanmar are among the countries that in recent years has climbed the most up the index.


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