Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump is causing the United states acting attorney general after that she would not defend … – the Newspaper.en

President Trump has deposited the United states acting attorney general after she said the ministry would not defend presidentordren about innreisenekt for refugees.

Sally Yates, who was appointed by the Obama administration, served as attorney general in anticipation of that Donald Trumps candidate Jeff Sessions to be approved in Congress.

Got fired

Monday she got fired after she had said that as long as she sat at the helm, would the justice department not to fight in court to defend Trumps contested presidentordre about refugees.

Acting attorney general Sally Yates has betrayed the justice department by refusing to impose a legal order, which is designed to protect the United states citizens, called in a sharp statement from The white house.

She shall be alleged also to be “weak when it comes to boundaries and very weak when it comes to illegal immigration”.

Earlier in the evening tvitret Trump his dissatisfaction with the Yates.

“the Democrats expose my kabinettvalg solely for political reasons. They have nothing else cause than to obstruere. Now I have an Obama-justice minister”.

Obama breaks a long tradition - criticize Trumps travel restrictions

Would not defend the order

Yates, who, at Trump’s request, saying yes, to sit as minister of justice until the Session was approved in Congress, and withdrew the legality of the Trumps presidentordre in doubt.

- I is responsible for ensuring that the legal position we take is in line with this institution’s commitment to pursuing justice and standing for what is right, writes Yates in a letter to the lawyers in the ministry, according to the New York Times.

- Currently, I am not convinced that it’s to defend presidentordren is in line with this responsibility, and I’m also not convinced that the order is lawful.

Dana Boente take over now as minister of justice, until the Session is accepted and inserted.

- I will defend and exercise the laws in this country to ensure that our people and our nation is protected, says Boente.

Trump has introduced a temporary travel restrictions for travelers from seven countries with predominantly muslim population and for refugees.

For the syrian refugees apply innreiseforbudet for an indefinite period of time, while other groups yet to be denied entry into the country in a few months.

Spokesperson for The white house, Sean Spicer, has warned government officials that don’t agree with Trump’s plans, in the wake of the government circulated a so-called dissensnotat against presidentordren.

- these karrierebyråkratene a problem with it? Either they should stick to the program or as they can go, ” said Spicer.

Allotted a boss

is Also the acting chief of customs and border control were deposited on Monday. Again, there is talk about a etatsleder who was appointed by the Obama administration.

the Message that Daniel Ragsdale had to go from the job came an hour after Yates was sacked, but it was not given any reason for the dismissal.


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