Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tobias Guin (8) stuck in the mud over an hour by Nesheim school in Levanger, – NRK

– There were some who were stuck there from before, so I was out to help them, but when I set a fixed even, ” says Tobias Guin.

Åtteåringen was on the way to school, when he saw that someone stuck in the mud by Nesset parish in Levanger in Nord-Trøndelag, norway.

– Then we were three, which put the firm, but she one came out even. I got stuck in almost two hours. When I was cold and dirty, ” says Tobias.

– Was a bit afraid

there were a Total of five who at one time sat stuck in the mud, but some of them came loose and got notify teachers by Nesheim school. The teachers tried to get the rest out of the mud, but finally had to ask the fire department for help.

the Fire department had on the blue lights, and then the police came after them, and a small fire engine for them again. So they managed to pull me up, ” says Tobias.

– Were you sure it would go well?

– No, not all the time. I didn’t know if they would get me the fix or not. I was a little afraid.

This mud was that the kids got stuck in. The place is a plant area at the new football field that is under construction at Nesset in Levanger.

Photo: Tariq Alisubh / NRK

– Half the boy stuck up

Dad Bob Guin was called up by the school in half an ten-time with the information that the son put the firm and that the fire department was on the way.

When I got there I saw half of the boy that stuck up, so it was not something pleasant. But the fire department was in time, and then it went quite quickly.

None of the children needed health care after the incident.

Tobias was cold and soft, and went, therefore, home with his father for a hot bath.

We took some time off from the morning of. Went home and took a bath, some cocoa and food, and then he would back at school again. So that’s going well, ” says dad Bob.

cordoned off

the Place they are fixed in place on a plant area at the new football field that is under construction at Nesset in Levanger.

When the NRK met Tobias and Bob, where on Wednesday afternoon, the area was already cordoned off by the contractor.

In retrospect, we see it is okay that it is closed off, but I have not thought about that it could be something scary in the past. That it would be so mild I did not know, there is a football field, ” says Bob.

But it is good that it is taken hold of now.


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