Sunday, January 29, 2017

Serious dykkerulykke on Norway – NRK

the Man was transported to Stavanger university hospital, but life was not to save. 14: 00 came the message that the man is dead.

We are now working to get notified the next of kin, ” says operasjonsleder Jarle Utne-Reitan at the South-West police district.

FATAL: Close by the scene of the accident is this sign, and people advised against to pass the sign at the powerful sea.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

It was during a dive at the Blikshavn on Karmøy island, that the man from Grimsby was reported missing. According to the police, and he knocked himself unconscious after a fall when he was going to take him up on land.

He was unconscious when he was taken up from the water, ” says operasjonslederen.

NTB reports that the man who died was a 38 year old man from Poland.

Was dragged out of the sea

The first message about the incident came at around 12.30. Around 25 minutes later informs the police that the diver is transported to Stavanger university hospital.

because of the waves managed not to get out to retrieve him from the water, ” says Utne-Reitan.

Both kystvaktskipet KV Tor and redningsselskapets “Bergen Kreds” was called. In addition, was attended by a Sea King helicopter.

the Helicopter came first, then they got taken down to the water to retrieve him.

rough SEAS: Waves made it difficult for rescuers to reach out to the man. A Sea King helicopter took him down and got picked he up.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

Dive with the camera

According to the Haugesund Newspaper there should have been two foreign men, living in Haugesund, has been diving in the area. The man was on the way up on country once again when he was taken by the surge peradventure.

It was when they were going up on land that the man fell and knocked himself unconscious. He disappeared out on the lake again, ” says operasjonslederen to the newspaper.

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