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Gjermund Cappelen: So I was stormugler – VG

the OSLO district COURT (VG) As Gjermund Cappelen (50) from Bærum was a teenager he began his life with marijuana and crime – a life that finally ended in courtroom 250 in the Oslo district court.

Quite early skeiet I out. My parents divorced when I was five years old, and I got a new family situation where I had scaling problems.

So began Gjermund Cappelen its free explanation in the Oslo district court, where he stands indicted for the importation of large quantities of marijuana to Norway in over 20 years and gross corruption. Cappelen acknowledges straffskyld for everything.

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Hasjbaronen took the Tuesday morning space in vitneboksen in the Oslo district court in order to start on their free explanation about hasjbutikken and the relationship to the former politilederen Eirik Jensen. Wearing blue jeans, white shirt and dark blue sweater, he took the word with a clear and distinct voice.

Been criminal since the 1970s

Initially described Cappelen a difficult childhood where he did poorly at school and smoking cigarettes from the time he was 9-10 years old. He went often to visit his father in the City, especially during weekends and holidays.

When I was 12-13 years old I started to hang out with a nabogutt, the aforementioned plumber (who cleaned up the bathroom for Jensen in 2005-2006). We røyket marijuana together, drove motorcycles and scooters and did the burglary. Which started the path that ended here, explained Cappelen.

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Hasjbaronen further explained that he barely completed high school, and that he’d rather worked at a gas station twice a week instead of sitting at school.

<p>LISTEN: The former politilederen Eirik Jensen (59) is done with his explanation to the court. He sits behind his defenders and hear on the Cappeles testimony.</p>

LISTENING: The former politilederen Eirik Jensen (59) is done with his explanation to the court. He sits behind his defenders and hear on the Cappeles testimonies.

Photo: Tore Kristiansen

— I stole money from the cash desk, røyket cigarettes and marijuana. I got barely diplomas of the high school, explained Cappelen.

After the primary school moved Cappelen to his father in the City and lived with him permanently. Crime characterized his life more and more, and he started with the purchase and sale of hashish.

– One grams. Ten grams of. Small things, to sustain me in it – to my family’s great despair over the fact that I don’t innordnet me the community and took care of the family instead, explained hasjbaronen.

The first arrest

At this time, in the 1980s, was Cappelen a part of a group of friends who sold hashish in a larger and larger scale, over kilosklassen, according to him. In parallel with this business, it was still committed burglary, while the cannabis resin began to take over large parts of their lives.

In 1987, Cappelen arrested in connection with a burglary where he and friends stole down jackets. Cappelen set for the first time in custody, while her partner was pregnant. The following year he became a dad for the first time.

I did not learn anything of the time in custody and continued with hasjsalget. In October 1988 I was charged with and prosecuted for the 15 kilograms of cannabis resin. I was then imprisoned until the spring of 1991, explained Cappelen.

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In the prison related Cappelen new contacts with people who ran with the marijuana and other crime. When Bærums-man was released, he continued on with hasjbutikken.

There was no brake in me at the time, and I wound myself into a new case with a time. I was prosecuted for the importation of 100 kilograms of hashish and put in custody for two months in 1992, explained Cappelen.


in the Summer of 1992: Cappelen claims that he got a break in these months. He ended up in an environment where not only was røyket marijuana, while also stronger substances. It was experimented with cocaine and heroin, according to him.

It took the upper hand on me after a while. Heroin is dependent on quite quickly, and there I was, explained Cappelen.

In January 1993, Cappelen apprehended by the Oslo Plaza hotel, along with two other high-profile criminals. The police suspected him to drive with marijuana in a large scale, without finding anything by search warrant.

Instead, took the police to the seizure of the amphetamine and weapons, which were linked to the two other men that were taken in the same case. Cappelen, however, was questioned, and it was in one of these interrogations he met Jensen for the first time.


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