Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two etterlengta contracts for Ulstein – NRK

This was etterlengta. It was good to sign these kontraktane, says managing director of Ulstein verft, Kristian Sætre to Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Two in one day

Over 100, which works with shipbuilding in the Ulstein group is laid off. It is therefore very important to get in the harbour of new contracts, and Sætre says the two will give a lot of work to the autumn and late year next year. They will come skroga to Ulstein. First the hull to the top modern vessel Ulstein Verft will deliver to the netherlands Acta Marine.

In the year 2018 will come the hull of the world’s largest hybridferje to Ulsteinvik. Color Line is scheduled to put passasjerferja into traffic on the route between Sandefjord and Strömstad out summertime 2019.

We have entered into a letter of intent with the Color Line. The contract will only final about a few weeks, but it is only talking about tweaking the last details. When two parties enter into a letter of intent means that we do not have the fjord and that it basically is formalitetar again, ” explains London.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: a Ship for the Ulstein shipyard to build for the Acta Marine has Ulsteindesign and is a you-ship for vindturbinar offshore.

Photo: Ulstein Design & Solutions SX195

To celebrate with cake

In the morning it kakefest in Ulsteinvik. Two contracts in one day is simply not to time.

This was the important contracts for us. It has been pretty low activity on the yard a period of time, and it has not been so many contracts in the market that fits for us. So in the morning we will celebrate and enjoy ourselves, ” says verftsdirektøren.

And the two kontraktane with the Color Line and the Dutch Acta Marine is also strategically important for Ulsteinkonsernet.

SMILES: Kristian Sætre jobs still to obtain contracts for Ulstein verft, but today the two have made the situation better.

Photo: Arne Flatin / NRK

We have been a shipyard that has built offshorebåtar the last time. We had to readjust ourselves, and have focused on the ship that is adapted to the vindturbindrift and passenger traffic, so the strategic fit this is very good for us, ” says Kristian Sætre.

Needs more work

But in spite of important contracts in the harbour, there are still many who will be laid off in the weeks to come. There are around 300 of which are employees within the shipbuilding in Ulsteinkonsernet.

– We are working still with the contracts, and there is much interesting as it can be any thing. More than that, I can’t divulge. But we try to get the hold of ombyggingskontraktar and reparasjonsoppdrag to continue on the competence also in the near future, ” explains London.


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