Thursday, January 26, 2017

Man charged with violence after suspicious deaths in the county of Trøndelag – VG

A man is arrested by the police in connection with a suspicious death on the Laughs of the county Wednesday. The man is charged with gross kroppsskade to death.

the indictment indicates that there has been a violent confrontation that led to one man dead.

According to the politijurist Jørgen Aunet in Trøndelag police district, there are both technical discoveries and vitneopplysninger that links the man to the scene of the Laughs in the Melhus municipality in Sør-Trøndelag and to voldsutøvelsen the indictment is based on.

It is expected that the autopsy of the deceased on Thursday afternoon will provide further clarification about the cause of death.

We work with you to find out more about their potential role in the case, but the detective still wide, emphasizes Aunet to the NTB.

A man was arrested late Wednesday night. He is charged with gross kroppskade to death. The deceased is a man at the end of 30-years. The man was found dead at an address on the Laughs of the county yesterday.

A factor in the case is whether the dødsvolden in Melhus Wednesday has to do with a serious voldsepisode in the same apartment last weekend, confirms Aunet.

It is one of the things we would like to clarify, he says.

A neighbor who Trønderbladet spoke with on Wednesday, told that the police on the night of Saturday responded to the residence on the Laughs after a stabbing. Two bloody people had said to the police that they had been attacked with a knife and axe.

Aunet stressing that the police still investigating the case wide.

– We would like to clarify the the most. There are several tracks in the case that we now ettergår. We are investigating still, ” he says.

It is been carried out the interrogation of the defendant in the case.

– We continue with the questioning, the technical research and tactical investigation today. The police follow several threads, but for the sake of the investigation we can’t go into detail about what we’re working with, type Aunet in a press release.

Call tips

He says to VG that it is conducted autopsy of the deceased, but that the preliminary autopsy report is still not ready. Currently do not want the police to say very much about the background of the arrest.

It is information that has come forth through the investigation that led to the arrest, ” says politijuristen.

He says police still want tips from the public.

– We want tips from anyone who believes they are sitting on information that can shed light on the matter, ” says Aunet.


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