Monday, January 23, 2017

Tvangssammenslåtte the municipalities will get the “divorce” – Dagsavisen

– If someone were to be exposed to the coercion of a parliamentary majority, so we will make sure that the local will be carried out after a change of government, ” says kommunalpolitisk spokesperson Helga Pedersen of the Labour party to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Previously Ap stated elusive when the centre party has come with similar warranties.

– We believe that the local will to be carried out. And if, in the unlikely event, a parliamentary majority adopts tvangssammenslåinger and the municipalities that are affected by it take initiative to it, so we will convert any tvangsvedtak, ” says Pedersen.

the Ap also promises changes in the municipalities ‘ inntektssystem where they will equate the merged and not merged municipalities.

the progress kommunalpolitiske spokesman Helge André Njåstad don’t think the news that the Labour party put itself on the Centre line, will be well received in the municipalities.

– the Assurance that everything can be turned upside down if the Ap and Sp win the election, creates much uncertainty for all municipal councillors, also in the Aps own ranks, ” he says.

Ap-mayors, that has been going on for kommunesammenslåing calls for support and commitment from the party leader Jonas Gahr Støre.

According to Aftenposten, it is not good tone in the Ap after that Store in the year stated to the class struggle that if Labour wins the 2017 election is kommunalminister Jan Tore Sanner (H) its kommunereform death. Around the country working many Ap-mayors with the mergers.

Of the 30 Ap-mayors Aftenposten has spoken with, believe almost all that Ap and the Right should have been together in so great a cause. Most are frustrated over management’s statements and ten is willing to say clearly know about it. Several treaties, however, the courage to criticize the management of the company, according to the newspaper.



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