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Cappelen asked Jensen about trusselhjelp: – Not a good team to have on the neck – NRK

Behind the partially closed doors continued Eirik Jensen on Wednesday to explain himself about his relation to the narkotikaimportøren Gjermund Cappelen. Spesialenhetens the prosecutor Kristine Schilling has come to 2012, and referred to a message Eirik Jensen sent to Gjermund Cappelen 12. november.

“He we talked about is not in the board of directors. Therefore, think of a nice christmas bonus and additional overtime work up to julerushet,” writes Jensen, among others.

“Sounds good!” answers Cappelen just after.

In court explained the korrupsjonstiltalte police officer that the message was about information about the other criminals he got off Cappelen.

– I think it’s all about that a person was not as central as we assumed.

VIDEO: Get an overview of what happened on day eleven of the trial of Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen.

Read all that was said in court on Wednesday:

the Trial of Eirik Jensen

Prosecutors were not finished with the questioning of Jensen, and continues on Thursday. Jensen has explained that the SMS is sometimes…

the Right is raised

– May be someone got a surprise

the Prosecutor Kristine Schilling then went through the message in detail, and asked about Jensen’s comments. She meant, among other things, that it was illogical that it should be the talk of the overtime work, if it turned out that a criminal person Jensen worked up the courage yet was not so interesting.

– It may he that we worked on was pushed to the side of the other that was more interesting. It is difficult to decipher out of this is what it means. It can be camouflaged.

– What means “christmas bonus”?

– It may be that some get a surprise before christmas, ” says Jensen.

Asked Cappelen about hotelltips

the Messages were sent a month after that Cappelen is to have introduced 150 kilos of hashish from the Netherlands. Shortly after 12. november sends Jensen a message to Cappelen, where he asks about Cappelen has tips for some good hotels in Amsterdam.

Jensen says he asked for someone who was on the tjenestereise. Prosecutor Schilling would like to know why Jensen asked individuals its about hotelltips.

– He has lived down there and been there for a part of times, ” says Jensen, who previously has explained that Cappelen had a good overview of trafficking routes from the Netherlands.

Schilling believes this is illogical, because Cappelen not have lived in Amsterdam since the “80s or 90s”. Jensen earlier in the case has said that he did not know that Cappelen had been in the Netherlands around this time.

the Hotels were probably in the same place now as the time, and for me it’s totally okay to ask him for tips. But all the mistenkeliggjøres, ” says Jensen.

Eirik Jensen approaching the end of their explanation. Wednesday was the doors partially closed with respect to the defendant’s safety.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Helped Cappelen with threats

Schilling also puts forward several messages from november 2012, where Jensen is keen to get hit Cappelen before christmas. Spesialenheten Jensen whining because he will have the money by Cappelen, something Jensen stubbornly denies.

Jensen believes the contact with Cappelen related primarily to information gathering, with the exception of some parts in the winter of 2012. In court Wednesday it was revealed that parts of the contact was related to the threats Cappelen – or someone in his circle of acquaintances – received.

In one of the messages towards the end of november, the type Cappelen that he has been traveling, for a “hell of job”, and threats.

Jensen says in court that he believes it is real that there is to talk about the threats in SMS-one in this period, and not the markup language. In one of the messages states that it is the “package” that should have made the threats. In court confirms Jensen that there is talk about a pakistaner.

This part of the negotiations goes partly behind closed doors, of the consideration to the defendant’s safety. Tingrettsdommer Kim Heger has, however, decided that the sound can be transmitted to the press room during the less sensitive parts of the negotiations.

– All this person is doing has to do with money

the Prosecutor Schilling put in the right forward a SMS for open microphones. In the ask, illustrated by hans Jensen on the SMS if the two can meet when Cappelen is back from a journey he is on. Spesialenheten adds to the reason that they came together on Saturday 1. December 2012, by veikroa along the E6 at the Gorge.

Jensen says he does not remember the meeting, but do not deny that it took place.

– It seemed that you were very interested to meet him, ask the prosecutor Schilling.

If he was threatened, I was perhaps worried, because I knew what people it was to talk about. It might also have been because I would have the information, but it was not a good team to have on your neck, ” says Jensen, adding that he got the details about the threats at the meeting.

Why he talks with you about the threats?

– I don’t know. I have dealt with the threats between different actors throughout my career. When it is the nationality we are talking about, it is natural for me to be asked, since I have worked with gjengmiljøer.

I think I said something like that it is a totally unpredictable guy, ” says Jensen.

At this point in the negotiations turned the microphones off, because the specific name is not to be communicated to the press. After the microphone is switched on, tells Jensen that he gave advice to Cappelen.

What is it in cappelen in his life that he ends up in a brawl with this person, asked Schilling.

All that applies to this person have to do with money.

Judge Kim Heger closed partial doors in court Wednesday.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Do not

the Prosecution has collected evidence that Cappelen in november 2012, had been on a trip to Amsterdam. This time together with a person who since is sentenced along with Cappelen in the Asker and Bærum district court.

– do you Talk at the meeting something about how he has been, asks Schilling.

do not Remember. We just talked about threats and information, not where he had been, ” says Jensen in court.

Gjermund cappelen in his defense Benedict de Vibe tell NRK that later evidence will show that the current threats was not necessarily aimed directly at Cappelen.

Eirik Jensen’s defender John Christian the Fire, do not want to comment on the threats, and refers to that part of the negotiations went behind closed doors.

Thursday continues Spesialenheten for police matters his questioning of Eric Jensen, several days of overtime. It is not expected that the Gjermund Cappelen takes vitneboksen until next week.


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