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Ulvejakt-parties meetings Helgesen with ulve-dictation – VG

Klimaminister Vidar Helgesen (H) will get on Tuesday morning a new ulvediktat from the Parliamentary majority: He must change the rules so that also discomfort for the population in ulvesonen can lead to ulvejakt.

Monday night the parties behind the Parliamentary ulveforlik – Right, Right, Ap and KrF – agreed to put further pressure on the government and klimaministeren, which in December stopped the decision to drive lisensjakt on the wolf in the ulvesonen east of Glomma in Eastern norway.

According to the School, information will Helgesen to be met with a demand by the Parliamentary majority to open for lisensjakt in the year, if it can be documented that the wolves in the zone cause the people that live there significant disadvantages, although it is not directly harmful to people or pets, which was Helgesens main argument against lisensjakt this winter.

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Ulvetimen Tuesday

Parliament has set ulvedebatt on the agenda on Tuesday morning.

While several hundred protesters to the benefit of the ulvejakt was howling outside Parliament on Monday afternoon, they met four parties that stood behind the ulveforliket to reconcile a common proposal before the debate about Helgesens ulve report earlier in January, come to the treatment in the Parliament.

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New case to the Parliament

<p>EXPANDS: The climate and miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) will extend the jakttiden on the wolf to 31.march.</p>

EXPANDS: Climate and miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) will extend the jakttiden on the wolf to 31.march.

Photo: Trond Solberg, VG

Within 10.april must Helgesen put up a case for Parliament, so that the parties behind ulveforliket get a new opportunity to define what to to to reduce the population down to the agreed level.

In the proposal that the four parties go together, and which they promote in Parliament on Tuesday morning, there is also a requirement that the government must change the regulations, and a guide that puts the hardcore limits when ulvejakt can be triggered.

Refuse to change the law

The four parties wanted to push forward an amendment, but the Right and the political Right had to turn the thumb down for this. In regjeringspartienes cooperation agreement with the Left and This says that the nature diversity act may not be changed in this election period,

According to vg’s information, there has been contact with the Left about this, but the Left refuses to revoke this clause in the Oslo agreement from 2013.

Need to avoid mistrust

But in order to avoid that the proposal can be read as a direct mistrust of the Helgesen not to have met the ulveforliket from June of last year, there is no direct requirement from the majority that it should be carried out lisensjakt this winter, according to vg’s information.

This has been a crucial demarcation for the government, because the two regjeringspartienes own stortingsgrupper parties in ulveforliket.

the Ap and the Progress has also not expressed any interest to put the matter on the tip so that it could trigger this design was proven, VG-lit,

the Opening is, however, in the recently conducted radiomerkingen of the wolf: If the GPS tracking shows that ulveflokkene roams in the immediate vicinity of inhabited areas, the government is still open for the so-called felled as nuisance of single individuals.

Expands with six weeks

on Monday afternoon, confirmed the minister that he makes that the majority in Parliament will ask for in ulvedebatten: Extend the hunting season by six weeks, until 31.march.

It was obviously necessary to get forlikspartiene in the face:

I am very happy with the expansion. Helgesen has now full support in the Parliament to take out more animals, ” says Harald Nesvik, the progress party’s parliamentary leader to VG.

Helgesen says in a press release that an extended jaktsesong will give the government more time to read the data of the ulvenes behaviour and moves from radiomerkingen which was completed early in January.

If it turns out that the wolves are closer to the buildings in ulvesonen than it was previously thought, so it will be the new arguments that the government need yet to open for lisensjakt on the wolf this winter.

We believe that it is also possible to justify the felling with other conditions, such as social and economic impacts in the ulvesonen, says Nesvik.

– In the debate on Tuesday, it must be clarified when the minister will come back to Parliament and explain in concrete terms how he intends to now bestandsmålet, ” says Terje Aasland, Aps energy and spokesman on the environment.

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Helgesen has several times since said that it is impossible for him to fathom any other decision, out of the knowledge that existed when he made his decision in December

If he now has got new knowledge out of radiomerkingen in January, it can provide Helgesen arguments he needs to get a parliamentary majority and the furious partifeller in the inland, in the meeting, and allow any hunting this season, get the VG-lit.

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Q: Used tricks for trainers

Sp-the leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, who is from Norway, believes the case has been miserably handled by the government from day one:

– Helgesen should soon say that he was wrong before christmas, that he should have followed up the Storting’s decisions. But if he really believes what he says, he should have notified the Parliament far earlier, perhaps already in the last summer, that the Parliament’s decision was in conflict with the law. and then notified an amendment. He has all the time wanted more wolves. Until now he has used all possible tricks to coaches, says Vedum to VG.

Sp was not with the ulveforliket that established the current bestandsmålet for the wolf, and will probably promote their own proposals in Parliament on Tuesday.


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