Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Boat in havsnød – the crew jumped into the sea – Impulses

the Case is updated.

A brønnbåt is in havsnød in Steigen in Nordland, and the six people on board is being evacuated, notified the joint rescue coordination centre in Northern Norway the clock 06.39 Wednesday morning.

the Clock 7.04 reported HRS North of Norway that the six on board being evacuated by helicopter.

There is bad weather in the area. A Sea King search and rescue helicopter, rescue boat, and a boat from Defense are on the site. Rescue boat det Norske Veritas and several coast guard vessels are on the way.


the joint rescue coordination centre says to NTB that they did not have the opportunity to speak with the press. They state that it will be called own kommunikasjonsfolk that should take care of the contact with the press.

A brønnbåt used for the transport of live fish.

the Clock 07.07 notify the joint rescue coordination centre in Northern Norway on Twitter that four of the six on board now is saved, and that the evacuation of the last two is in progress.

Waiting for daylight

the Clock 07.19 notify HRS North of Norway that all of the six are saved. The vessel is “Fisktrans”. RS ‘ Sake; he will make an assessment of the vessel can be salvaged when it is bright.

The six are rescued, to land at Bodø Airport just after eight o’clock.

– Had to jump in the sea

the Crew will after the reports we have received to be in good shape. They had to jump in the sea when the prevailing weather conditions and the condition of the tires, it was not possible to save them directly from the boat. They were hoisted up by a Sea King helicopter. They are now being cared for and checked out, said senior pressemedarbeider Geir Mortensen at HRS North of Norway to the Impulses.

the Boat is anchored and it is assessed whether it can be rescued when it becomes bright.

the emergency message from the boat was received the clock 05.05 and the clock 07.07 they were six on board rescued.

It was full storm in castes and powerful waves in the area, ” says Mortensen.

More accurately, the position of the boat is at the island Storskjerpa outside Steigen.


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