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Freezing rain on roads across the country – 15 accidents between the Hill and the Moss – VG

Police urge motorists to slow down.

Police operasjonssentraler several places in the country reports of very slippery roads.

– On a stretch of 500 metres we have 15 cars that have either run into each other or run off the road, tells vaktleder at 110 centre, Morten Ravneng.

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15 road traffic accidents between Hill and Moss

<p>KØ: Slippery roads have ført to the long kø. Here, between the Moss and Vestby, where the E6 in nordgåend direction is closed.</p>

QUEUE: Slippery roads have led to long queues. Here, between the Moss and Vestby, where the E6 highway in the northbound direction is closed.

Photo: Mona Langset/VG

Between Hill and Moss, a stretch along the E6 at closer to four miles, according to the police reported 15 accidents. The rain settles as a thin film of ice, which does not seem. It is so smooth that it is hard to keep on the legs if you go out of the car.

Now considering the police along with Vegtrafikksentralen to block the E6 completely, it writes the message stated in the Follo on Twitter.

the Police in Østfold tells us that there is great danger of slippery roads also on the road against Sweden.

– It is speilblankt from the Moss and to the north, and it is about to freeze south also. There are accidents all over the stretch, ” says operasjonsleder Paul Horne at the Østfold police district to the VG.

He also says that the police in Østfold county and now assists the Follo with the accidents.

Follo have gone out for patrols, so we assist them with a traffic accident now, ” he says.

Because most people are running very slowly, there are currently no reports of injuries. The police and the 110 center to encourage everyone to keep a low speed.

– Run for the conditions

<p>AÆRT SMOOTH: Underkjølt rain fører to smooth the roads throughout the country. Police are asking people å slow down.</p>

VERY SMOOTH: Freezing rain leads to slick roads throughout the country. Police are asking people to slow down.

PHOTO: Vestfold intercommunal fire department

On the Interpretation of counts operasjonsleder Paul Stenslet between eight and ten singelulykker on the E6 at the Gorge, in addition to three on the E16.

– There have been no serious accidents, fortunately. But people have simply driven too fast, says Stenslet and encourage people to put down the move on the slippery roads:

It has rained, and the rain has frozen on the ground. When it becomes smooth, then. People must drive for the conditions, and it means putting down your speed and keep a greater distance to the vehicle ahead, encourage him.

Also Helgeland police district reported a traffic incidents that affect 30 to 40 wagon trains and passenger cars. Two wagon trains have probably run into each other, and blocks now E6 at Luktvatnet.

– It is very smooth and a lot of ice on the roads in the area, which has led to 30-40 wagon trains have been standing in the chaos, ” says operasjonsleder at Helgeland police district, Vegard Vårdal, VG.

There are no reports of injury after the incident.

getting better throughout the night

Trafikkoperatør at the Norwegian public roads administration, Ole Fredrik Haugen, says to VG that the traffic is now starting to break up.

– Now start the roads to be run up, and rush hour is over, so it has begun to slow, ” he says.

the Norwegian public roads administration is already started with the salt and sprinkle and adhere to the Pile of reviews that normal winter conditions.

– Now that the rain has stopped this goes for the full, ” he says.

as smooth as glass in Oslo, norway

<p>PREPARED: Paramedics have fått enough å gjøre føin consequence of the slippery roads in many places in the country.</p>

PREPARED: the Paramedics have had enough to do as a result of the slippery roads in many places in the country.

Photo: Frode Hansen, VG

Also in the capital, there has been speilglatte roads and sidewalks on Tuesday afternoon.

Outside Parliament the conditions were very difficult for both pedestrians and motorists. Several people fell and knocked himself powerful and a man were also taken in the ambulance and transported to the Oslo emergency ward and was obviously in great pain.

– I went on a stjernesmell and sprained a finger, told a woman to .

Doorman at the Grand Hotel, Anton Palushaj took the matter into their own hands and began to salt on the street outside.

– I have to do what I can for people and cars should be able to come forward, he says to VG.

On the parliament was the reception for the diplomatic corps – and outside stood a long line of CD-registered cars – and many of them had big problems to get back on the speilglatte cobblestones, they had danced around in the street and had to drive up on the sidewalk to get firm ground under the tires.

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<p>LEFT at theÅ THIN ICE: VG-journalist Jørn Pettersen came the Left-leader Trine Skei Grande to the rescue when she simply did not come out of the spot på separate hånd. </p>

LEFT ON THIN ICE: VG-journalist Jørn Pettersen came the Left-leader Trine Skei Grande to the rescue when she simply did not care of the stain on your own.

Photo: Frode Hansen, VG

Liberal party, Trine Skei Grande also had trouble on glatta when she came out of a taxi in the middle of the street.

– And I took a taxi because I didn’t dared to take the tram, she said, and was saved onto the sidewalk of the School, journalist.


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