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The couple split up Moser – Aftenposten

– This has no consequences for the research center, said the two Adresseavisen.

The plan is to continue as colleagues at the successful brain research in Trondheim.

Researcher couple have been married since his student days, they have researched together, built up an extensive research and won the Nobel Prize together. We are headed for divorce. This they say about why they choose to tell about the situation:

– This is not something we want to share with people, but we know that the rumor goes. Therefore it is important to say clearly notify everyone that this will not negatively affect the center. In isolation, this is a private matter, but we want to reassure all those who feel unsafe for the Institute and our research, says May-Britt Moser.

Avoid insecurity

– Most people will not notice a thing. In that sense it’s a bit pointless for us to tell whether a private matter, but we want to avoid speculation. We will also emphasize that this is the only interview we do about the matter, says Edvard Moser.

– Is it relevant that some of you leaves the center and NTNU?

– No, not in the foreseeable future. It is unthinkable to leave the department in such an important phase, says Edvard Moser.

– This is a department we have engaged heavily in building. Much because of us has many talented people from abroad have chosen to travel from their usual environment and come here because they want to cooperate with us. We can not fail them. It’s riveting impossible to go away now.

– We have a common vision and it is stronger than most, says May- Britt Moser.

– We have outstanding partners. Both have strengths and weaknesses, but we are complementary. We are still together and cooperate well. The aim is to conduct research to understand the processes in the brain better and to build up a larger environment than today. We also want to make advances in knowledge and combating Alzheimer’s disease, says May-Britt Moser.

– Will make it

– Do you feel a pressure to join in Trondheim with all the obligations you have at NTNU, Kavli Institute and Center for Neural Networks?

– No one can push either Edward or me. We are the most stubborn in the world.

– Will you cooperate as before?

– I see no reason why we should not get it says Edvard Moser.

– When others do it, we will do it. We’ve talked about this for quite some time, without it having affected our work. People still come to see us perform together.

– And it’s not acting, shoot May-Britt Moser in.

– We are older folks and good colleagues. Our background is the same. It is clear we have been through processes that have sucked energy, but we have the same vision and burn intensely for what we believe in. Edward and I are best friends. Although I have an Italian in the blood, so we are decent people. I will not step on my best friend. We are solution.

Rejects plays

The two say they will continue to publish scientific work together when appropriate, but also separately, – as before. May-Britt Moser has no plans to swap last name.

– You took out the separation before you received the Nobel Prize. Do you still have to stick together and stay together because of the price?

– The Nobel Prize has not changed the relationship in either retningen.Vi has spent the time to figure out where we want to go with the relationship. We will not go into details beyond this. The reason we are doing this interview already now is that rumors have begun to swirl, although the process is not finished. We operate together because we work together, and because we thrive together, and it’s going to do going forward, says Edvard Moser.

– Do you feel that you have been forced to play play when you has appeared in connection with the Nobel Prize?

– No, we were awarded the prize for research, not for our parstatus. Although many have been interested in the relationship, we have even been focused on what we have achieved in our professional collaboration. That is what is relevant. This partnership we stand for entirely, says May-Britt Moser.

– In the longer term the center must do without us

– How has NTNU handled the situation?

– Colleagues, lead by faculty and senior management at NTNU have been very supportive. We have discussed how to deal with this for quite some time. Management has always set aside time when we needed it, says Edvard Moser.

– The colleagues have been superb, NTNU is a dream university, adds May-Britt Moser.

– You have offers from exciting research abroad. Deadlines not the extras now?

– We have fantastically well here. We have support from NTNU, from Trønders, government intervention – and throughout Norway. After the Nobel Prize, we were asked the same question. The motivation is not prices, but to follow our passion for research, says May-Britt Moser.

Edvard Moser’s parents came from Germany and he accepted some time ago a small position at the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Munich.


– This is no drama. No disaster

– The commitment is there not to have something to fall back on. It was not supposed to move there. But it is clear that in the longer term needs center anyway to do without us. The aim is to develop the environment to be as strong and robust that it can continue even after our lifetime. It has been well on the way with. When we recruit people, we look not only for academic strength, but that people have strategic capabilities.

– Is the tight job cooperated in every year cause in that it goes against the breakup?

– It’s more complicated than that. I just want to get said that it is not dangerous for couples to work together. Many people use our cooperation as a model, says Edvard Moser.

– Will you work more individually, you forward?

– Have no immediate plans to change the. We are so complementary that we will continue, says May-Britt Moser.

– This is no drama. No disaster. Everything goes as before. At the center, we have a thriving social community that bubbles of academic passion, vision and entrepreneurial attitude. Edward and I have a very good cooperation, we are mutually reinforcing. When I have had hard days and meet people in the labs and discuss and learn new things, so it provides energy input and inspiration. On Christmas party we were visited by a researcher who is accustomed to a tough US environment, he just sat puzzled and repeated “This can not be real.”

Rector think both remain in NTNU

NTNU, Research and Kavli Foundation has invested heavily in brain research around Moser pair.

– Is this initiative now in danger?

– No, says NTNU Rector Gunnar Bovim to Adresseavisen.

– The private issues are not entirely new date, but the two have constantly shown an unusually strong sense of responsibility and dedication to research and center, says NTNU Rector Gunnar Bovim.

– But it is clear that this is a great human strain, also had to be open about it.

– Has there been a gambling from NTNU page on that relationship would last?

– No, you never know what happens with individuals. We have focused on building up an environment today is far more robust than a few years ago. The center is large, it has 120 employees and many strong researchers and managers.

– How do you assess the risk that one or both leaves NTNU?

– We relate to that they want to be with us, and it gives the distinct impression that they are doing. Here they have good working conditions and we will facilitate that they continue to be in NTNU, says Gunnar Bovim.

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