Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beyond: the Need for the maintenance of Defence buildings is critical – Aftenposten

the Case is updated.

Over all the land owner the state hangars, airports, homes, office buildings, underground vault, and other types of buildings and facilities used by the Armed forces. There are a total of talk about 12 407 building for an estimated value of nok 39 billion.

The lack of maintenance of these has been a challenge for many years, and the Norwegian defence estates, which manages the buildings on behalf of the ministry of Defence, has sold away a great number of properties to get the cost down. But still turns The alarm: the Situation has gone from bad to worse.

Our survey shows that the condition is deteriorated from 2009 to 2015. Vedlikeholdsetterslepet increases and the need for maintenance is critical, ” says riksrevisor Per Kristian Foss in a press release.

the Backlog increased while millions flowed out to parties and PR advisors

According to The features backlog on the maintenance of the eiendomsmasse with the need for immediate measures increased by 38 per cent in two years – from 1.4 billion in 2013 to 1.9 billion in 2015. In total it is estimated that the maintenance is required for nok 4.5 billion.

According to The have vedlikeholdsetterslepet increased in the period Aftenposten revealed that the Norwegian defence estates agency has spent millions of dollars on internal parties and PR advisors. The also believe the Norwegian defence estates agency has “weak management and control” on completion of the maintenance.

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Criticize internal leiemodell

the Management of forsvarseiendommene is today covered through a New Public Management model, where the state rents out the properties to himself. This is done by the various våpengrenene in the Defense must pay the rent to the Norwegian defence estates agency. The purpose is to visualise what is actually being used, so that one can get rid overskuddseiendommer.

the Model is controversial and has received criticism for being unnecessarily expensive. Beyond believes that this arrangement has not worked out the way Parliament has provided, because it has not managed to cover the cost of maintenance, nor when it has been given ekstrabevilgninger.

the Ministry has stated that the husleieordningen shall be evaluated by the end of 2019. We believe that it should happen earlier, since the arrangement does not meet The assumptions about the verdibevarende management, ” says Foss.

the minister not agree completely

minister of defence Ine Eriksen Søreide do not fully agree in Riksrevisjonens conclusion about the state of forsvarseiendommene.

She points out that the required maintenance per square metre has increased by four per cent since 2009, but that it actually has gone down somewhat if one takes the starting point in 2010, 2011 or 2012, and believes that gives much do that it can’t be concluded that the required maintenance has increased.

She also points out that the required maintenance for military housing has gone down.

“My view is that the present records indicating that the estimated required maintenance has been relatively stable over time,” writes Søreide in a response letter to the Beyond.

Søreide writes further, that she will consider whether to expedite an evaluation of the forsvarsinterne leiemodellen.

She also writes that the ministry and the Norwegian defence estates agency will follow up the findings of a lack of management and control of maintenance.


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