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Lay down half of the lensmannskontorene in Trøndelag – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

It sets the police on.

See the full list of Trøndelag and further down in the text.

Cut the lot in the entire country

126 of the police tjenestesteder is laid down, and seven new is created. Norway will thus be left with 221 tjenestesteder.

It appears in the final kuttlista in nærpolitireformen. In the last round in the Police, it is decided that the four planned defunct lensmannskontorer still to be continued. In addition, seven new tjenestesteder created.

The few påplussingene is also the only change that is made. There is no nedlegginger beyond that already proposed by the chiefs of police themselves.

Read also the leader “Unpopular, but necessary reform”

the Halving of the county

Humlegård say they have made some adjustments where it was a little too far between the districts or that many had for the long journey.

In Trøndelag there will be seven lensmanns and politistasjonsdistrikter, and 20 tjenestesteder.

This is the new police districts of the county, if the police get the will its:

– Namdal police district

Innherred police

– Fosen lensmansdistrikt

– Vaernes lensmannsdistrikt

– Trondheim politistasjonsdistrikt

– apply for a job in lensmanssdistrikt

Gauldal politistasjonsdistrikt

And this is tjenestestedene:

– Namsos police station

Grong sheriff’s office

Racers sheriff’s office

Nærøy sheriff’s office

Ørland sheriff’s office

Åfjord sheriff’s office

Rissa sheriff’s office

Staines police station

– Levanger/Verdal sheriff’s office

Stjørdal sheriff’s office

Trondheim airport politipost

– Selbu sheriff’s office

Trondheim central police station

– Heimdal (police station South)

– the Middle Gauldal sheriff’s office

– Røros sheriff’s office

– Opp sheriff’s office

– apply for a job in sheriff’s office

Hitra sheriff’s office

Hemne sheriff’s office

So it looks on the map:

(Photo: illustration: the Police)

Photo: illustration: Police


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