Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Woman (80) hit by bus – the bus driver drove – VG

Police made contact with the bus driver who drove in an 80-year-old woman at Sofiemyr on Tuesday morning.

the Police in Follo reported on Twitter just before half past eleven Wednesday morning that a bus has run on a pedestrian at Sofiemyr in Akershus county.

Påkjørselen happened at the busslommen to stopped Ødegården in Sønsterudveien. The casualty is an 80-year-old woman, but police still do not know how påkjørselen happened.

She is transported to Ullevål with injuries in one arm. She has blødd a part and I will describe the damage as moderate to severe, ” says operasjonsleder Vigdis Sjøvik Olsen VG on Tuesday morning.

When had the police not got contact with the bus driver who drove the woman.

– We are not sure if the bus driver has gotten out that the woman was killed. We assume that the bus continued on its usual route, says Sjøvik Olsen.

the Clock 13.08 says police to VG that they have made contact with the driver.

We work with you to interrogate him. It looks as if the driver has not been aware of what has happened. We plan to interrogate the woman after each, to get clarity in what has happened, says Sjøvik Olsen.

According to police, there were no direct witnesses to the event.

communications manager at Unibuss, Ina Helen Østby, says to VG that it has happened is highly deplorable, and that they hope it will go well with the woman who was killed.

She tells us that there are two buses which stop in the stop in the current time period.

– One driver have been collected from the route, but is not known to have run on some. We are now working to secure the video from the buses, and try to find out if it is the current bus, or if it is the second line. We will also attempt to get hold of the other driver, ” said Ostby to VG around at 12: 00.

at 13: 30 confirms the home office said that it was the first driver who was brought in which was the right one.

– He is very influenced by this, and it is not good. He must not have noticed that it happened, and it was why he drove further and went the route, ” says Ostby to VG.

She tells that the driver will be followed up in line with internal guidelines.


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