Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kjempestup for Ap on the new poll – NRK

the Labour party falls to 33.9 percent, but the center party increases by 3.4 percentage points to 9.6 per cent. It gives the two old regjeringskameratene 81 mandates. A collaboration with Red (1 mandate), MDG (1) and SV (2), be able to secure a majority in Parliament.

at the same time, a constellation of Ap, Sp and KrF gaining a majority with 91 mandates. Ap, Q, V, and the MDGS have also majority with 85 mandates.

Q will be greater than the Right

the Sp-leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum says the centre party has had as a goal to be bigger than the conservative party by 2019. Now speculate he on about, the goal may be within reach already this fall.

” We have had it as a goal in two and a half years. But now, there are many who have voiced both the Right and the political Right that is not so for that they should get this centralization, which perhaps also is disappointed over the defence policy of this government has caused, and now think about again, ” he says to the class struggle.

the central party to stabilize in the 9′s in the cut of the februarmålingene, informs the valgforsker Bernt Aardal at the University of Oslo to Nationen. The highest average Sp have previously had in the 2000s in a enkeltmåned is 8 per cent.

– It may well be that they get over 10 per cent at the election. As more has been inside on the very things that make that the center and distriktspolitikken comes into focus, not just disappear throughout the spring, ” says Aardal.

SV and the Left are struggling

Both the Socialist Left party and the Left is below the threshold of measurement with an attendance of respectively 3,7 (-0,5) and 3.9% (-0,3).

Since the Left can only get three stortingsplasser when they no longer have utjevningsmandater, evaporate the bourgeois majority. The two coalition parties and støttepartiene Progress and Left get total of 84 seats.

the Right makes a good measurement with the 25% support level (-0,3). Frp goes up 0.9 percentage points to 12.7 percent. The christian democratic Party also increases by 0.8 percentage points and has support from the 5.6 per cent of the respondents.

MDG will receive 2.4% (-0,2) and Red gets 1.6 per cent (-0,3). It is the only Aps downturn and Sps progress that is outside the margin of error on the measurement. The margin varies between 0,5 and 2,9 percentage points, and is greatest for the largest parties.


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