Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PST: Extreme islamists pose the greatest terrorist threat against Norway – the NRK

the Police security service (PST) turn in a new threat assessment determined that the most serious terrorist threat against Norway and Norwegian interests in the year are linked to the terrorist group IS and Al Qaeda.

“Both IS and Al Qaida considers Norway as a legitimate, but not priority targets for terrorist attacks. New calls from the IS and Al Qaeda to carry out attacks in the West will, however, still win support among supporters in Norway,” the PST report.

PST also points out that the terrorist activities in the other western countries will be able to inspire people in Norway to perform similar actions here.

Therefore it is assessed as possible that it will be carried out the terror attack against Norway in the years, ” states PST.

– Can be more terrorist actions

the terrorist threat to european countries has never been greater than today, says the PST-head Benedicte Bjørnland.

She points out that fewer people radikaliseres to extreme islamism than in the past, and there are fewer who want to go to Syria to join IS and Al Qaeda.

Still considered the terrorist threat as high. Bjørnland also point out that many fremmedkrigere who have fought for and received training by IS or Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, have now returned to Europe.

– ISILs ability to inspire individuals and small groups of sympathizers to relatively simple actions, without long planning, makes the situation difficult, ” says Bjørnland.

– We have therefore no reason to assume that there will be fewer terrorist actions in Europe in 2017 – rather on the contrary, the number may increase.

IN PST-the report described the most appropriate scenario for a possible terrorist attack in Europe as “an ISIL-/Al Qaeda-inspired attacks made with simple weapons against targets with few or no safeguards in place”.

RAN DOWN the CROWD: With a windshield riddled full of bullet holes stood the truck again on the promenade in Nice after the driver meide down and killed over 80 people in a terrorist attack on the French national day in last summer.

Photo: Sasha Goldsmith / Ap

Norwegian radikaliserte has similarities with the gjerningspersoner

In 2016 was Europe hit by more terrorist attacks.

In the French Nice, ran one man through the crowd that celebrated France’s national day 14. July, and took the lives of over 80 people. In the belgian capital Brussels, over 30 people were killed in the explosions in the departure hall at the airport Zaventem before easter. An 86-year-old priest got his throat cut over when armed men in July attacked inside a church in the French Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray.

Just before christmas, the twelve people killed when a man drove a truck into a christmas market in Berlin, while in Istanbul was last summer near to 50 people are killed in suicide attacks against Atatürk airport.

It was only some of the attacks.

– We see that gjerningspersonene who is behind terrorist attacks in Europe over the last few years, has a number of features in common with those who radikaliseres in Norway. Therefore, it is possible that also the Uk is affected by islamist terrorism in the coming year, ” says Bjørnland.

terrorist ATTACKS: A woman stands and looks at the flowers that were laid down after the terrorist attack in Nice in July last year. Europe was hit by a series of brutal terrorist attacks in the course of 2016.

Photo: Valery Hache / AFP


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