Friday, February 3, 2017

The ministry of foreign AFFAIRS, Defence and the Norwegian radiation protection authority – the Newspaper.en

yesterday, it became known that Russian hackers have attacked the e-mail to postmottaket to the Labour party’s parliamentary group.

Now confirm the senior adviser Martin Bernsen in the Police security service (PST) that the same hacker group in the year has attacked the e-mails to individuals employed in the ministry of foreign affairs (UD), the Norwegian Armed forces, Norwegian radiation protection authority, a college, and in PST.

Nine accounts

- the PST was earlier in the year warned of a cooperative service abroad on a targeted attacks against nine Norwegian e-postkontier. In technical jargon are referred to as “spear-phishing”, says senior adviser Bernsen.

Player as PST pointed out as responsible for the hostile attack is the Russian hacker group APT29.

This hacker group has carried out a series of attacks against western targets in the last few years. APT29 be linked to the Russian authorities, ” says Bernsen.

Sensitive information

- Have the hackers gained access to classified material?

- It is private e-mail addresses that have been attacked. There is no reason to believe that the hackers have gained access to sensitive information, ” says Bernsen.

the Newspaper verified that all of those who disposes of the hacked accounts are in positions that they may have access to classified material.

We are working on with the attacks, to find out more, ” says Bernsen.

It is the first time the Norwegian government and the PST confirms that a hacker group directly linked to the Russian government is behind the cyber attack in Norway.

- We are not surprised by these hackerangrepene, ” says Bernsen to the Newspaper.

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