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Charges of Ellingsrud-killing is known to be guilty of having murdered his two-year-old daughter – VG

Familiefaren Raz Mohammed Akhonzada, who were accused of having murdered his two-year-old daughter on Ellingsrud, is convicted on all counts by the jury in the Borgarting court of appeal.

the Jury answered yes on all questions of guilt. It means that Raz Mohammed Akhonzada is known to be guilty of the murder of his own daughter, three attempted murders of the adults, and gross abuse of his spouse.

Borgarting court of appeal will on Thursday, treat the question about the amount of punishment he should be sentenced to.

Mom Havin (2): – I never thought he was going to hurt her

Akhonzada was in June 2016 sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of her daughter in the Oslo district court. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for felony murder, three intentional assault with intent to kill and domestic violence. He appealed the verdict on the place.

The 37-year-old afghaneren has all the time refused straffskyld.

It was 23. may 2014 that the police responded after the message about the fighting in Dragonstien on Ellingsrud. When they arrived at the spot, they found two-year-old Havin been killed and several badly damaged.

Toåringen was bleeding to death after having been stabbed in the face, in the shoulder and twice in the back.

Comment: Killed by the one she loved

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In advance of the murder to it, according to police information have occurred a quarrel between the couple, which led to the drapssiktede contacted svigerfamilien, who came to the apartment.

Then escalated it.

In the basketaket that arose was, according to the police both småbarnsmorens brother, mother and cousin stabbed before one of them managed to add drapssiktede in the ground by the exit door.

In september 2014 was the indictment extended to also include the attempted murder of three members of the svigerfamilien. In addition, the 37-year-old charged with gross assault on his own wife, who is also the child’s mother.

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