Monday, February 6, 2017

Delingsøkonomiutvalget want to tax Airbnb rentals – E24

the Case is updated.

In march last year, it put together a selection to examine the delingsøkonomiens impact on the community in Norway, and proposed regulations.

the Transportation industry is mentioned as a market where delingsøkonomien is particularly noticeable, along with overnattingsmarkedet. It is here that international giants like Airbnb and Uber operate.

For private hire does not propose the selection changes, except in hunting, and that Statistics norway shall register nights from delingsaktørene, as they do with the rest of the travel industry

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Selection proposes that skattefritaket for rental of private housing is restricted to the langtidsutleie, so that the proceeds at the short-term, as often happens through services like Airbnb, is taxable.

This will then apply to all income over 10,000 dollars, which will be taxed as capital income.

If such a proposal is adopted, those who rent out residential or holiday home, for example, via Airbnb, to get the revenue skattelagt. In some countries such a tax led to higher prices for the service, in that the tax is added into the platform.

They also suggest that the technology should be better utilized for reporting, control and guidance of the tax administration and the players, so that the tax liability will be maintained.

This, among other things through a group of them that provide the rental or paid services digitally.


In addition to that løyveplikt for the cab proposed to be revoked, so think selection also that the obligation to be linked to a central and maksprisregulering to be cut.

They want that requirement to kjøreseddel to be maintained, it will say that drivers still must meet the requirements of health and character.

the board believes that competition in the taxibransjen works poorly, and proposes also to remove the obligation to have drosjevirksomhet as hovederverv, and will introduce an obligation to give forhåndspris at time of booking.

Something of the both the hotel industry and taxibransjen think is unfair in the competition with the new sharing services are the fees today are related to the industries.

This gets the way support from the selection. They believe the differences are unfortunate, and proposes to revise the discrimination in taxes for passenger cars that are also used occupational.

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They also believe that there is a need for more information to consumers about what rights they have.

the Current level of consumer protection applies mainly when the trader sells services to private individuals, which not always is the case in delingsøkonomien.

Therefore, proposes a platform of information for authorities, consumers and stakeholders.

They will also that the authorities and the companies behind delingsplattformer together to try to develop an industry standard for protecting consumers ‘ rights.

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