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UDI: – Several unaccompanied minors have tried to take his own life – ABC News

The most vulnerable group in the Norwegian reception has gotten worse in the last six months, confirms the Norwegian directorate of Immigration.

More unaccompanied minors has recently attempted to take his own life at the reception centre, ABC News stated.

– We now know that the later time have been several suicide attempts in the reception centre for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, says fagsjef in the UDI, the Noble Grønningsæter Pallum, to ABC News.

the Norwegian receiving reports about a negative development of the unaccompanied minor asylbarn and youth in the last six months, according to AUTHORITIES.

A negative development

In addition to several suicide attempts, it is reported about several cases of self-mutilation.

the Reception report that they have experienced a negative development with more young people in the last six months. It’s all about sleep problems, school refusal, frustration, social isolation, depressed mood, aggression and acting out. It does not mean that it is so on all the receipt, but it is the sum of the feedback we have received, ” says Grønningsæter Pallum.

Background: Selvmordsbølge among young afghan asylum seekers in Sweden

Features implemented

It has led to that the reception centre has set in motion measures to help the young people, according to the agency.

” We take this very seriously, and the reception has initiated various measures to help young people. Among other things, the number of employees increased, each youth will receive closer follow-up, it offered several activities, and we work closely with child welfare, school, police and health service.

UDI ba Listhaug change the practice

UDI estimates 70 per cent of them who get decision now of unaccompanied minors will be limited in the stay.

Either it is time-limited permit, temporary stay in Norway until they are 18 years of age and must travel home. Or an ID-limited permission where minors get to stay, but the permit must be renewed each year to obtain documentation of the identity.

It corresponds to around 630 minors. Most are afghan boys aged 16 to 17 years.

In December, wrote UDI a letter to the ministry of Justice and public security where they asked Listhaug reconsider the provision from the June 2014 that the children with limited stay in the Uk not to will be transferred in foster care or in a municipality.

Listhaug will evaluate whether the single asylbarn to be in foster care. Photo: Mads Fremstad / ABC News

“This promotes not good integration, and also can create fertile ground for challenges on both the individual and community levels”, states the letter.

the Provision of a limited stay applies to children who do not have a claim on protection (asylum), but instead get a temporary residence permit one year at a time.

To ABC News said Listhaug in December that she fears “settlement of single asylbarn with limited stay can send signals of liberalization of the government’s asylum policy”.

– It is an issue we now have to the treatment in the ministry, so that we shall come back to, but there is a downside that the signals we send out could be perceived as a liberalization. On the other hand, there are challenges also in the case not to settle, said Listhaug to ABC News in December.

Outcome of the treatment is not yet clear, according to AUTHORITIES.

the Ombudsman will not get the answer

Barneombud Anne Lindboe has not received a reply from the ministry. Photo: Berit Roald (NTB scanpix)

Long before the UDI is notified Listhaug and the ministry about the effect of the lack of settlement, sent the Ombudsman a letter to the ministry of Justice and beredskapdepartementet.

In a letter dated 20.05.2016 that ABC News has been given access to take the Ombudsman up to the issue and expressed their concern towards the ministry.

the Letter is never answered.

9. January again sends the Ombudsman a letter to the ministry.

“Young people who are not resident, does not come properly in time with their lives here in Norway. They will stay at the reception centre, “a conservative, but prudent” accommodation, that is intended for temporary stay pending completion of the asylum application is decided. “The reception centre is not, and should not be, permanent homes for youth. Low bostandard over time, together with the uncertainty that is linked to not become a resident, can get the health and other consequences for the youth.” writes barneombud Anne Lindboe to the ministry.

the Ombudsman asks in the letter that the government resumes the settlement of unaccompanied minors who have been given limited stay due to unknown identity.

the chief Physician and child psychiatrist Aina Basilier Vaage believe asylbarnas mental health is not adhered to well enough out of the Norwegian health care system. Photo: Private

Beat the alarm in 2015

A survey from NTNU in 2015 showed that 43 per cent of children and young people in the Norwegian reception centres and omsorgssentre have over the critical threshold for emotional symptoms.

In December 2015, beating the child psychiatrist and social commentator, Aina Basilier Vaage, alarm about the conditions of youth and children at the Norwegian reception centres.

– There is no follow-up. When they come to Norway, they will receive a standard health check of their somatic and mental health, but they come on the receipt and have no systematic follow-up beyond the usual level of medical care in the municipality. It takes time before they get health care, and the offer varies, among other things through which the nurse resources each municipality has, said Basilier Vaage in 2015.

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