Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The supreme court dismissed the appeal in the Kristin affair – the Future in the North

the Decision of the Supreme court sets a preliminary period for the legal treatment of drapssaken from 1999. But Hotvedt do not agree ankeutvalgets decision and will try the proceedings of the Un committee.

- It is natural from the understanding our of the Un convention on civil and political rights, that when we don’t get to succeed in the national court, so we are trying it for the UN, says his defense attorney, Brynjar Meling, VG.

No proceedings

Hotvedt appealed to the Supreme court to ask for a milder punishment, and to ask the country’s top court must consider whether the matter, rather should have been brought to the district court than for the appellate court.

It is the appeal over the proceedings which now are discarded. From before, it was clear that the supreme court’s ankeutvalg not allowed the appeal of the sentencing promoted.

- It is a great relief for the families that it now is put a dot in this nightmare, said John Christian in the Fire, who is a lawyer for the bereaved, to NTB after the appeal was rejected.


Hotvedt (40) was 8. september last year sentenced to 13 years in prison for the murder of 12-year-old Kristin Juel Johannessen in 1999.

the Same man was convicted of murder in 2002, but acquitted a year later because a DNA test showed that hair from the crime scene not descended from him. In 2015, he was arrested again after new analyses of the dreptes fingernails. Gjenopptakelseskommisjonen reopened the case, which ended with a new prison sentence in the Borgarting court of appeal.

Hotvedt is also ordered to pay a total of nearly 4,6 million in damages and compensation to the parents and the sister to Kristin Juel Johannessen.

Fear the new year with hold

The murdered girl’s father, Roar Juel Johannessen, has fought a very long battle to clear up the matter. He is frustrated that the drapsdømte the man will not let the matter lie.

There is something called “enough is enough”. When the Supreme court has said, so it should be enough, ” he says to NRK.

the Family’s other lawyer, Astri Aas-Hansen, of the estimates towards the VG that it will take three-four years before the family get to know about the united nations rejects or will undertake a substantive examination of the case. In the meantime, Hotvedt zone in the prison, ” she says.



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