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Mediation started: the Danger of strikes at the four airports about the parties not being … – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): At 10.00 today started arbitration between the Union Junit and the confederation of Norwegian enterprise Aviation at Riksmekleren.

For the weekend, you may be putting the ski and barnevogna again at the airport

If the parties are unable to agree on a deal by midnight, go bakkeansatte at the airports in Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger and Bodø strike from Sunday morning.

Union Junit, which organsierer members in the Aircraft’s Ground Action AS, have in fact reported plassfratredelse if the parties do not reach agreement within meklingsfristen.

Parties disagree about the conditions, but we do not want to comment on this further now, beyond the fact that we want to come to an agreement, says widerøe’s vice president for Communications and Sammfunnskontakt, Saylje Brandvoll to the Newspaper.

- Innocent party

She speak out on behalf of the Aircraft’s Ground Action in the conflict, while the managing director Catharina Solli speak out for the actual airline.

- Widerøe’s Flyveselskap AS is a innocent third party in this, ” says Solli to the Newspaper.

Widerøe Ground Action AS delivers ground services to the company. If the parties do not reach agreement by midnight will, however, air traffic is likely to proceed normally, according to Solli.

- We hope that it will go more or less as normal, and have posted information on our website where we encourage passengers to take use our automated services, as a strike will lead to the result that there are fewer on the ground to assist passengers, ” she says.

- If you need a special, we recommend these passengers to meet in good time, she continues.


According to the NTB, there are just under 200 bakkeansatte that is taken out in the strike if there is a breach in the negotiations. According to Avinor, it is unclear how air traffic is being affected. According to the Junit will the strike affect both the check-in, ticket offices, ports and administration.

PRIORITIZE the TRAFFIC: the airlines ‘ number one priority during any strike is to receive and send off the planes. Photo: Morten Holm, NTB Scanpix Show more

there are notified plassoppsigelse for nearly 500 employees at Norwegian airports, writes NTB.

Outlet can be changed before meklingsfristen go out, but it is this number we are sure now, ” said forhandlingssjef Bente Ørberg in Junit to NTB last week.

Far behind

Junit organize the employees of, among other Aircraft Ground Action and SAS Ground Action. These jobs with check-in and boarding.

NHO dealer on behalf of a number of employers who are covered by the luftfartsavtalen.

Junit and the confederation of Norwegian enterprise Aviation, started negotiations in the middle of 2016, but it framforhandlede settlement was voted down by uravstemning in December.

- It has all the way been tough negotiations, and Junit has stretched itself far in the process. Members who are affected, have had to settle for low settlement in the last few years, and is far behind society at large. It is quite clear from Junits page that the members are tired stagnation, informs the trade union on its website.

Salary and conditions

Forhandlingssjef Bente Ørberg informed to NTB last week that there is disagreement about both wages and working conditions.

- It especially applies to those who previously were employed at SAS Ground Action, which is sold to Widerøe. They find that their condition has become substantially worse after the transfer, ” says Ørberg.


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