Thursday, February 2, 2017

Today decides the termination of the Sogn and Fjordane – Norwegian broadcasting corporation

Fylkesordførarane has already been agreed upon, and yesterday was fylkesutvalet also agree to give the thumbs up to a fylkessamanslåing. No is the last record in the trail that the county council today to give say a final blessing.

After that, Rogaland brake forhandlingane with the other two vestlandsfylka, it is now the county of Sogn and Fjordane and Hordaland that have forhandla up a deal between themselves. It is the agreement fylkespolitikarane in the day to the roof above.

This is a good deal that take into account both the special challenges that distrikta have, and to them the requirements that larger cities have, said the chairman of Sogn and Fjordane, Jenny Foaling (Sp) after that agreement was in the box.

Nynorsk is the language

There is an agreement between anna says that the headquarters in the new county shall lie in Bergen, that nynorsk should be the only language, and that the current Sogn and Fjordane will be responsible for several important tasks.

also Read Bergen are capital – Nynorsk is the language

Previous time samanslåing of the counties was on the agenda of the county council was the debate long and oppheita. If one should judge at the meeting in fylkesutvalet yesterday, it may go faster this time.

county council will take the to at 13 in the day, and you can follow the meeting on our website. Morrow stands the county council in Hordaland for the trip, and they shall take a position on exactly the same.

GATHERED THEMSELVES together: It was a total fylkesutval that run yes to the agreement between the county of Hordaland and Sogn and Fjordane yesterday. It has, nevertheless, been much discrepancy in the county council linked to the fylkessamanslåing.

Photo: Noralv Pedersen / NRK

– Samanslåing only on certain terms

There was a samrøystes fylkesutval who gave their yes to the agreement between the two counties, but the politicians asked also certain requirements that they want met about samanslåinga to be any thing.

– If it is not a real reform or real application of tasks, so this the bottom out of the decision, so fylkesvaraordførar Åse Kjelsnes after fylkesutvalsmøtet yesterday.

It suggests that the politicians only positive to a samanslåinga of the two counties if the Parliament also turns together other county in the country, and the new counties will be allocated more tasks than it fylkeskommunane have today.


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