Monday, February 6, 2017

– Drop taxis free – northern lights


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Range proposes to remove the requirement taxiløyve, and let all who will, be the taxi driver with your own car.

Aurora + $ 5 for the 5 weeks

“the Majority of the Delingsøkonomiutvalget believe that etableringsbarrierene in drosjemarkedet should be reduced so that new entrants can establish themselves and the conditions of competition are the same for new and traditional actors. The majority therefore recommend that the requirement drosjeløyve be repealed.”

Formulation is taken from Delingsøkonomiutvalgets report as presented by the finance minister Siv Jensen on Monday. In the 160-page long report are discussed in particular what is called “drosjelignende” services, a market that today is dominated by the service Uber.

de-regulation of the market

the Committee proposes now a complete frislipp and complete de-regulation of the taximarkedet in Norway. Among other things, want an overwhelming majority in the sample:

  • Remove the requirement drosjeløyve, but still have requirements that all drivers must have a valid kjøreseddel.
  • Remove the requirement to kjentmannsprøve.
  • Revoke the mandatory connection to the drosjesentral.
  • Introduce rules that they as the driver drosjetransport shall record the tours and prices, and that the information should be stored and sent to the irs.
  • Introduce the duty to provide consumers forhåndspris for the trip.
  • Remove the obligation to have drosjevirksomhet as their main source of income.

they do This in order to provide better competition in the drosjemarkedet, something they believe will give consumers more benefits. Among other points the committee that the prices of taxi fares in the Uk have risen significantly more than the general rise in prices in Norway in the last years.

LO is worried about

In the course of the last half-year has a number of Uber-drivers have been sentenced to pay back the money they have earned as drivers of what is today, in reality, is pirattaxivirksomhet. If Delingsøkonomiutvalgets report should be the official policy want this business to be legal in the future.

the only one in The selection that says no to a complete de-regulation of the drosjemarkedet is LO-secretary Trude Tinnlund. LO points out that the taxis should be considered part of the kollektivtilbudet, and that the so-called delingsappene that provide private sjåførvirksomhet helps to create a looser attachment to the labour market, lower wages and bad working conditions.

“In a country with a scattered pattern of settlement is dependent on to have taxis on stand-by. This is an investment in infrastructure and should not be dismissed as effektivitetstap for the community. To remove the needing and driveplikt, especially in utkantområder will be able to provide a significantly weakened offers and can in the worst case go out of the life and health” type Tinnlund in his note. (REC)



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