Friday, February 3, 2017

Students filled the church to the brim to the memory of the girl (16) who was run over by t … – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): yesterday afternoon, killed a 16-year-old girl, after she was run over by the subway at the Holstein station in Oslo. The accident happened when the train was on the way from the station.

the Girl was a student at the Edvard Munch upper secondary school in Oslo. The principal of the school, Stein Kristian Dillevig, says in an e-mail to the newspaper Dagbladet that the incident is tragic, and that such event affects the entire school.

In 2013 got Sporveien rebuke for security. In the walking dead a 16-year-old girl

Full church

Dillevig informs further in the e-mail that they have decorated a bay memory compartment, and that the students have been able to go to the Trefoldighetskirken in order to ignite the light of day. According to the principal church was at one point filled to the brim.

Earlier in the day sent Dillevig e-mail to parents and guardians at the school. There, he informed about the situation, and what kind of arrangements the students had in the course of the day. All lessons were cancelled.

In the e-mail to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet writes Dillevig that it is such a tragedy affects the whole school, since the students know each other on a criss-cross of lines.

the Principal Stone Kristian Dillevig informs that the tuition will go as normal from Monday, but that the planning service one of the days. Edvard Munch high school has received assistance from the kriseteamet in Utdanningsetaten.

Slipped on the ice

the Accident happened when the 16-year-old girl went of the t-path.

Leads didn't know that the girl (16) was run over by the subway. Two drives later, came the tragic message

The tragic accident occurred in connection with that the girl had gone off the path at the Holstein station below Kringsjå at 16.15-time. She has come under one of the wagons, probably after having slipped on the ice, illuminated, operasjonsleder Finn Belle at Oslo police to the newspaper Dagbladet yesterday.

the Case was this morning submitted to the Oslo police’s section for trafikketterforskning. The girl was dead when police and ambulance were on site.

To TV 2 tells the police that there were several witnesses on-site.

- Several of the witnesses expresses that it was a tremendous experience and that this has been hard on them, ” says Knut Hernes, politiførstebetjent in the Oslo police. He also says this:

They did everything they could to stop the subway from running on, among other things, they attempted to alert the driver. They also attempted, to the best of my ability to help her up from the track, ” says Hernes to the TV 2.

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