Friday, February 10, 2017

Marie (17) was kicked in the head by the moose – ABC News

Marie Bartnes Herdlevær and venninna Ylva Berge, who filmed the video, was on skipatruljevakt and should only run through to check that the course was fine.

then Turned and came towards them

The two girls go on alpinlinja to NTG at Lillehammer, and was on night duty at the Kanthaugen Freestyleanlegg when the moose attacks.

Suddenly there was a huge moose in the trail. I just thought that I would not that it should come any closer. It was on its way out, but then turned it up and came straight towards us, telling Marie to ABC News.

Could have gone much worse

It kicked me and hit me on the helmet. I had very good luck. If I had not had a helmet on, I think it would have gone much worse.

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Marie takes it all with great calm. She says that it was scary when it was happening, but she has not changed their plans because of it.

Now I’m going to take me for a jog and then I’m going to eat some dinner, ” she says.

looking for moose

Norwaynews Dagningen, who first talked about the matter, informs that it was running a snowmobile up afterwards to check if the moose were still in the area, but it was gone.

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the Moose in question, is according to Gunnar Nyhus who is fjelloppsynsmann in the area, a young elgokse which is located in the area around the ski slope.

It has not been aggressive before, ” says Nyhus to the GD.

Is not afraid of people

He anticipates that the matter will be reported to the police, and that the moose will eventually be killed by fallviltnemda.

The big problem with moose is that after having stayed in this area for a long time, has been in the menneskelukt around the clock, and thus is no longer afraid of people.

Feel that someone is on the road to many different birds its, it can go to attack, ” says Nyhus.

A slalåmkjører from the u.s. state of Colorado, also met the elk in the skiløypa:


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