Friday, February 10, 2017

Sykefraværet i Nav er høyere enn landsgjennomsnittet – NRK

In the several counties was the absence of the Nav in an average of 8.2 per cent in 2016. It is about two percentage points higher than the national average for all jobs. The figures apply to employees in the labour and welfare service (nav). Nationwide had the Nav a sickness absence rate of 7.3 per cent in the last year. Also it is above the national average.

– We are not happy with a sickness absence of 7,3 on average for 2016. We think it is too high, and we can therefore work continuously to reduce it, says HR director in the Nav Inger-Johanne Stokke.

Challenging work

the HR director believes that there are many characteristics with Nav that could explain some of the reason why sickness absence is higher in the Hub than at other workplaces.

We have many employees in a frontline, where it is in the periods is a highly increased workload, ” says Stokke.

She also points to the high average age of a possible cause.

– Furthermore, we know that a high proportion of women and a relatively high average age of employees is of importance for sickness absence. In our business we have both a lot of women and a high average age.

the Nav in Sør-Trøndelag has a sickness absence of 7.2 per cent. This is not avdelingsdirektøren Bernt Asle Arntsen happy with. He tells us that the employees often encounter people in difficult situations and think it may be a contributing cause of sickness absence.

– It is to stand in such relations over time is demanding. It is important for us to ensure that our employees receive replenishment of the competence to stand in such tough brukermøter.

– Painstaking work

Nav administers a third of the state budget, and the majority of employees are employed in the Welfare state, while around a quarter are employed in the municipalities. NRK has just been given the figures on sick leave for the employees, but a spot test among municipal employees, shows that the sickness absence rate in the Middle-Namdal in the last year was 10.2 percent.

the Director of the Nav Nord-Trøndelag, norway, Vegard Rydningen, mean sickness absence in Nav is not as high as compared to some other parts of the public sector, which also stands close to the people in difficult life situations.

Photo: Johan Arnt Nesgård / Trønder-Newspaper

More of the employees in NRK have talked with believe the Nav does not take good enough care of their employees. However, they will not come forward with the criticism. Director of Nav Nord-Trøndelag, norway, Vegard Rydningen, says this is something they spend a lot of time.

” We spend a lot of time on this with managers, safety representatives and trade union representatives. We want to appear to be so that it is the same principles that underlie when we have sick leave internally with us, that when we follow up other companies, ” says Rydningen.

– We see that early and close monitoring of sykmeldte as well as to conduct preventive work has good effect. Those who succeed with such initiatives get down attendance, but we also see that this is a laborious work and that takes time, ” says Stokke.


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