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Ex-chief of police: the Great danger to life if the Jensen project is known – NRK

– It is so sensitive. There is great danger that lives will be lost if only part of the project will be known, ” says Anstein Gjengedal, the chief of police in Oslo, norway from 2000 to 2012, to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Neither Gjengedal, or others who know of the project, want to deepen especially to NRK. Nor what the theme of the work of Jensen has been, of a danger for life and health of the parties involved.

The top-secret project has been one of the reasons that the trial ever has gone behind closed doors. Tuesday was the doors again closed parts of the day. Read more:

It was 10. January the former politilederen initiated explanation:

“I’ve had a task no one knows anything about. It is one of several national, secret projects. It has worn on me, and others. There will be witnesses who will come into it later”.

the Secret Fire

ADMINISTRATOR: Tingrettsdommer Kim Heger in the Oslo city court.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB Scanpix

the Explanation ovverrasket all. Also the judge Kim Heger had to ask Spesialenheten confirm that this was the information that voted. Defender John Christian the Fire has not disclosed it.

– Påtemyndigheten has been held in court to hemmelighetsstemple it. We have not received any further justification. And it is a crime for me to say what I know, the Fire is stated to NRK.

the Background for the mission is, according to the defender, Jensen informantarbeid. When the Fire is asked for more information he received according to his own statement in response that his own letter was classified.

ORGANIZER: Eirik Jensen’s defenders, John Christian Fire (t.v) and Arild Holden whispers in the court.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB Scanpix

Fluktplaner, møtepunkter and kodeplasser

Jensen said that the project is rooted at the top level in the Norwegian police, but that he can’t say what it is about. The director of public prosecutions is one of them that later in the trial to testify.

“I didn’t work alone. I had a guy I kept me to, and had meetings at secret places in the country, together,” Jensen explained in court.

the Project should also explain why many politikollegaer not have understood what Jensen has worked with, and why Jensen has received large sums of money paid, NRK stated.

WEAPONS: Eirik Jensen shows off weapons seized from gang members in 2011.

Photo: NRK

“because of this project’s character, and the responsibility for the people, from 1998 to 2011, I have lived a life on the politihuset that no one knows anything about. This meant that I made the secret fluktplaner, I had secret møtepunkter and kodeplasser, and I was afraid of kontraspaning”, said Jensen in court.

half A million

VG has previously written that Jensen received a half million kroner paid out after he was arrested, and that this is as a reward for the secret project that was laid down in 2012, when Hans Sverre Sjøvold took over as chief of police for Gjengedal.

Jensen disagreed that the project would be laid down. Eventually he pulled himself away from the section for Special Operations for a heftlig quarrel with the chairman Einar Aas. Jensen later became a counselor in politimesterens staff.

When Jensen was asked out by the prosecutor about the quarrel had background in his work with the sources and the regulations around it, black Jensen:

“There was no focus on it, but what shall I say? This story is more than you read about here. This has affiliation to the national project.”

Facts about Eirik Jensen-case

Photo: Junge, Heiko / NTB scanpix


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