Sunday, February 5, 2017

Range proposes to remove the løyveplikt for taxis – Aftenposten

It can make it easier for players like Uber, and more difficult for actors like Airbnb.

the Committee delivers its report to finance minister Siv Jensen (the progress party) on Monday.

Norway’s Taxiforbund is little satisfied with the committee’s proposal to remove the løyveplikten.

- It is social dumping, it. Then there will be so many drivers that no one can live by it, ” says the head Øystein Trevland in connected to VG.

In addition, proposes the selection according to the newspaper that the taxation of short-term hire of private housing will be increased. It may make it less attractive to rent their home through Airbnb.

the Committee also proposes a number of other measures, such as a reporting to the tax authorities for delingsøkonomiplattformer, an information portal on the rights and duties in delingsøkonomien and a strengthened dialogue and meklingstilbud. In addition, it should be considered a simplified tax treatment of småinntekter from the services, thinks the selection.

Most to win

the Expectations of the report from the delingsøkonomiutvalget have been abroad.

the Management of the Taxi-app Uber believes the transport sector is one of the areas where the community has the most to win at to facilitate delingsøkonomi. In a post in newspaper Aftenposten recently pointed out Norway’s ceo Carl Edward Endresen that a large part of the country’s passenger cars are set up against 95 percent of the time.

By leveraging the existing vehicle fleets better we get more people into fewer cars and can reduce the need for owning your own car, concluded he.

the Tourism industry requires that operators who rent out rooms via Airbnb, must be taxed on a par with traditional hotels.

Tax evasion

- It is not new technology, but tax evasion that provides benefits. This is unreasonable distortion of competition, and it is time that the authorities see the potential that the new industry will get given his samfunnsbidrag, ” said director Kristin Krohn Devold in NHO Reiseliv before the weekend.

When the selection was put down, stated the Norwegian minister of finance Siv Jensen that the actors in the delingsøkonomien have to pay tax. At the same time ruled out she is not that current regulations may be too stringent, outdated or ill-suited to the new players. The committee has inter alia evaluated the regulations in the labour market and consumer rights, which, in different ways, are challenged through the delingsøkonomien.

the Government requires the tax of 400 Uber-sjåførerDøren ajar for the Uber – throws it on the taxikrav


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