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TVNorge-the boss quits after disagreement with owners – Today’s Business

discovery’s digitalsjef Sindre capital economics (39) was on the collection with the rest of the senior management at Discovery Networks International in Miami as late as the end of January.

– Yes, it is correct. Where I also got the opportunity to present a keynote speech about the things I thought could be possible to do forward. Based on the feedback from the entire senior management at Discovery Networks International, I find that what I said was perceived as relevant, says capital economics.

So you will stop one and a half week later?

– We have different views on what is required to succeed, and the prerequisites that I should do it has changed, ” he says.

What told you them in Miami?

– I can’t go on.

Is it so that the desire for cost-cutting has been at the expense of the opportunities of digital development?

I can’t say anything about. But I have got a kind of black belt in to work with the digital transformation in both NRK and then in Schibsted’s eierstiftelse, the Tinius Trust. Scandinavia is one of the most advanced digital media markets, and it is with the mind I have done my reviews and drawn the conclusion about what I believe the need to succeed, ” says capital economics.

– What do you do now?

Now I’m going to the top. We are in search of the mountain with the most snow. So I will teach myself to climb ice, and go on a sailing trip with the “Entrepreneurship One”, the boat to Kahoot-founder Johan Brand, ” says Sindre capital economics.

The Norwegian quiz service Kahoot is one of the digital hand.

Tried it

After the DN experience is the background for that chief in Norway and Sweden, Harald Stream (54), leaving the company together with Sindre capital economics is that they experience that they were attempted to overrun and detaljstyrt of the Discovery system. TVNorge and Discovery are owned by the american tv network Discovery Communications.

Harald Flow taken Sindre capital economics from Schibsted and the Tinius foundation in the fall of 2016 to be to digitize the company. The two have had the same opinion and views on what was needed to succeed digitally, and therefore chose to leave the company together.

Flow and capital economics, after the DN understand neither the resources or the leeway they believed was necessary to succeed.

Discovery should have been more concerned about cost-cutting than by the strategic focus on digital content.

the Streamed departure happens soon after that Michael Long was appointed to the new nordic Discovery-director.

Different views on the way to success

Harald Flow believes the Discovery is well positioned for the future.

But the owners and I have different views on what steps are now necessary to achieve success. Therefore, I choose to leave the company. We separated as friends, and I have great respect for the Discovery and the people here. After eight years at the helm, it can still be refreshing to shift the focus, ” says Harald Flow.

  • Discovery Networks Norway is a Norwegian mediegruppe.
  • the Group’s turnover was 1.6 billion in 2015.
  • the Owner is the american TV network Discovery Communications.
  • TV-house consists mainly of eight channels: the Flagship TVNorge and the seven sekundærkanalene Five, Max, Vox, TLC, Discovery Channel, Eurosport and Eurosport Uk. And strømmetjenesten Dplay.
  • Managing director and editor in chief of Discovery Networks Norway has since 2009 been Harald Flow.

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He says the tv company has doubled seerandelene and quadrupled both revenue and profits. Discovery has under his management also invested heavily in sportsrettigheter as the top division in football and the OLYMPICS.

  • the Outgoing managing director and editor in chief of Discovery Networks Norway.
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Colorado, MBA from BI Norwegian business school.
  • Has been a journalist in VG, the director of communications at TV 2, managing director of the Port, managing director and partner of Try advertising agency.

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That Sindre capital economics chose to stop at the same time as him, commenting on the Stream as follows:

I picked up the inn Sindre because I thought he was the best in the Nordic countries to be with and change company. The fact that he is also leaving the company now, after such a short time, due to the fact that we share perception of what was needed to rig the Discovery of the future, ” says Stream.

Flow is well satisfied with his own efforts for TVNorge and the other channels in the Discovery Network Norway.

There has been a continuous adventure. If we look at where the company was, and where we are now and I’m very proud, ” says Stream.

Short time

Sindre capital economics joined the company in august of 2016. He has had the role as Nordic director for the digital services and development.

In the press release from Discovery Networks, he explains the takeoff with that he and the owners have “different views” on the way forward.

the Discovery has muscles that to succeed with the transformation this industry is facing, but the owners and I have different views on what the appropriate steps should be. Therefore, I choose to leave the company, ” says capital economics.

“Sad that he is now ending”

Michael Lang is head of the Discovery Nordics, and also served as president of digital and international development in the Discovery system.

He praises Harald Flow for having done an outstanding job for the company, both as the leader of the Norwegian and the Swedish activities.

  • the Outgoing director with responsibility for new business at Discovery Networks in Norway and Sweden.
  • Came to the Discovery in the autumn of 2016.
  • director of the Tinius foundation, between 2014 and 2016, and thus central in the strategic work in Schibsted Media Group.
  • Was digitalsjef in the Norwegian broadcasting corporation from 2009 to 2014. Responsible for developing services such as Nrk TV and radioplayer,,, nrkbeta.en and

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” We think it is sad that he is now ending, at the same time, we respect the decision. Harald together with the rest of the organization taken TVNorge and Discovery from being a small player in the Norwegian tv-market, to now to be among the largest, sharpest and most offensive. We owe him a big thanks and wish him good luck for the future, ” says Long.

– After the DN understand the due departure time of the Flow, and capital economics disagreement with the owners about the road ahead digital?

Our company is more concerned with the digital than any other media company in the world, claim Long.

He refers to the that the Discovery have developed a platform for web tv, together with Major League Baseball, called BAM Tech, which will be used by Eurosport, which also is a part of the Discovery family.

– This is a platform that will be a part of our digital relaunch in the course of the next few months. I’m sure Sindre supports the strategy and what we’re doing here, ” says Long.

Norway will be the first Discovery of the land that will have this platform, which will be released approximately when the top division starting in a few months.

– It must be a blow for you that Flow and capital economics ends at the same time?

– It is definitely a loss, and we wish them the best. But we have a strong local team that we respect and trust, and we have strong brands and market position. When people stop, it has always an effect. But we believe we are on the right track, and it is “business as usual” for the rest of the organization, ” says Long.

– do you Fear that more leaders will disappear as a result of this?

– I can’t speak for everyone in the company, but I can’t see why it would happen. This will also be an opportunity for others to step up, ” says Michael Long.


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