Friday, February 10, 2017

Emergency vehicles in the fierce collision in the Oslo – pedestrian injured – VG

Two people, including a pedestrian, were injured after the car to the operational manager in the ambulance service in Oslo collided with a passenger car on Friday night.

There is personal injury. We have just arrived. Ambulance jobs with one person that is on the ground, ” says operasjonsleder Gjermund Stokkli to VG, and emphasizes that there were some patients in the legebilen.

Witnesses to the accident, which happened at the junction Hausmanns gate/Torggata, tells vg’s reporter on the spot that one of the cars involved in the accident hit a pedestrian, who was injured in the collision. This is also confirmed by the Oslo police just before the clock 19.

“The one the car has in addition run on a pedestrian”, the tweet message stated.

Stokkli informs the later towards the VG that the driver of the car is more easily damaged, while pedestrian injury have moderate injuries. The driver of the legebilen and another pedestrian who was involved in the accident is unharmed. the

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Photos from the site shows that ambulansebilen has major damage in front, while the car apparently was hit in the side. Both cars have major damage.

– There is a pedestrian who is run over in the traffic light. We do not have an overview of how the situation was with the lights when the accident happened. One vehicle was at the turnout to a fire when the accident happened, say police innsatsleder on the spot, Kristoffer Bang, to the VG.

this? Police car ended up in the ditch.

An ambulance has already left the place with a patient.

Police say they have created a case on the relationship and that they will investigate further. At the present time discloses that it is too early to say anything about who caused the collision.


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