Saturday, February 4, 2017

ICT-Norway: will Need to discuss the framework for digital grenseforsvar – iTromsø

After hackerforsøket against the accounts of both the Ap, PST, ministry of foreign AFFAIRS and Defense, took the Conservative Harek Elvenes, called for a digital grenseforsvar in Norway.

ICT-Norway believes that we need to set us that this will be introduced, but would like a debate about the framework.

- This is not about a yes or a no to digital grenseforsvar, but about which measures are necessary and acceptable, and where the high threshold for the implementation of measures and access to data should be for the authorities, says ICT-Norway’s director for internet and new media, mr. Torgeir Waterhouse, to the NTB.

- We want to have a free society, not a police state based on excessive monitoring. The government must ensure adequate transparency, supervision and control of the use of these instruments, says Waterhouse.

He also wants a discussion about which parts of the myndighetsapparatet that can make use of such measures and for what purpose.

- Proper delineation is critical for a functioning democracy. The digital grenseforsvaret we shall introduce, have to do the least possible damage, ” he says.



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