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Sametingspresidenten will form a new party after Ap-trouble – NRK

We are a group that is working to form a new party, sami, social democratic party, which is built on social democratic values and principles, but not directly affiliated to the Labour party, ” says Vibeke Larsen.

She tells us that the new party should take charge of sámi affairs and those behind the plans will now collect 200 signatures that they need in order to get registered the party.

Fired vice president,

It is now a week since the extraordinary nominasjonsmøtet in the Labour samepolitiske council, where the president Vibeke Larsen was defeated by Ronny Wilhelmsen in presidentkampen.

It did that Larsen first said to nominasjonsmøtet that she resign as president.

the Day after the turned the Larsen and volunteered that she withdraws from the Labor party, and continues as sametingspresident. She also chose to kick his own vice president, Ronny Wilhelmsen (Ap) sametingsrådet.

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Ronny Wilhelmsen (to the left) and Elisabeth Arch (to the right) is Aps new president and visepresidentkandidater before the fall elections.

Foto: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

User Tråante

Now the people who are behind the new sami party, use the sami jubileumsuken in Trondheim, Tråante 2017, to acquire the 200 signatures they need to be able to start the party.

– There are many sami people in the Tråante this week and we need signatures from people who are in The valgmanntall, so v has the hope that we already have this week, they get 200 signatures that we need to register it as a samepolitisk party, ” says Vibeke Larsen.

People who have opted out

Vibeke Larsen has been in contact with people who have opted out of the party in the last week after all the noise and drama of the Labor samepolitiske faction.

– We are now a bunch of people who are working on this, have been in contact with Marianne Balto, who also has opted out of the party after it has happened, but it is for all who want to safeguard the rights of the sámi, ” says Larsen.

It seems however that not everyone is ready to join in the Larsen its process. Former vice president of the sámi Parliament for the Labor party, Marianne Balto, refuses to have the knowledge to work with a new party.

– I don’t know anything about the work with the establishment of the new party and can thus not say anything about the matter, she says.

She adds that she has heard talk that it might want to get a new party after the clamour in the Labour party, but that she is not a part of it.

Former vice president of the sámi Parliament for the Labor party, Marianne Balto, denies that she has the knowledge to work with the new party.

Foto: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

Vibeke Larsen on his page are clear that the new party will be working with to develop the sámi society, but the work shall not go on bekostninger of the existing sámi rights.

– They must go hand in hand, want Larsen.

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Ready for the autumn elections

the Goal of the new sámi social democratic party that Vibeke Larsen works with, is that they should be up to stand before sametingsvalget.

– Whether it is I who is a candidate for president, I can’t say anything about now, we have many strong names on the block.

“I have received feedback in the many years that people want sami, social democratic alternative to vote for at the Sametingsvalget, not just the Labour party, they want a sami Party,” explains Larsen.

Something more around the new party is not clear, ” says sametingspresidenten, but the social-democratic values are going to be the party’s core values.


  • A popularly elected body created to ensure Norway’s sámi population, political representation and participation.
  • the Parliament was created in accordance with a sámi law of 12. June 1987, and was opened in 1989.
  • the Institution released the English Sameråd, which had existed from 1964 to 1989.
  • the First election was held together with the parliamentary elections in the autumn of 1989, and the Parliament was the official view of King Olav 9. October 1989.
  • Parliament has its seat in Karasjok in Finnmark, but also has branches elsewhere in the country.

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