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Judge skeptical of cappelen in his explanation – VG

the OSLO district COURT (VG) How could Gjermund Cappelen be reassured by a message from Eric Jensen about the “sunshine” when he neither knew when or where hasjlasten should cross the border?

Judge Kim Heger has repeatedly responded to questioning to prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim, and pointed out that the right want specific questions to Gjermund Cappelen about the meaning of the messages from the polititoppen Eirik Jensen.

When Alfheim not followed up Hegers admonition at the beginning of the day, took Heger even the word ahead of the first break.

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the Theme was a text message that Eirik Jensen sent to Gjermund Cappelen in may 2010. Jensen is accused of having given Cappelen information about police activity, and in that way contributed to the importation of 300 kilograms of hashish from the Netherlands in this month.

the Message was “sunshine”.

– You say that it means that there is no problem to drive to the introduction, but where is it “sunshine”, ask the judge Heger.

– There is no sun that day, but “sunshine” is a positive message, reply Gjermund Cappelen.

I realize it, but where is the message to relate to, ” says Heger.

– You can not specify the place where it was “sunshine”, answer Cappelen.

you Can specify when it was “sunshine”, ask Heger.

– No, it is a very general message, respond Cappelen.

– That applies all over the country? The Whole Of Europe?

Jensen’s task has been to receive signals from the police internally, if there is something special that happens. For example, actions or detection that can be linked to me. Or if it is being seizures.

Eirik Jensen was clearly pleased when he heard the questions from Kim Heger to Cappelen.

Cappelen: – I come to rest

According to Gjermund Cappelen was hasjpartiene mainly smuggled in via ferry to Larvik or run across the border crossing at Svinesund.

do you Remember such a meeting with Jensen where you say that it comes a load via Larvik or Sunday, ask Heger.

– No, it is not specified each time where it’s going. It will not I know nor, ” says Cappelen.

– But when you receive a message from Jensen about “sunshine”, do you know what he is thinking?

Then it is quiet over the line, respond Cappelen.

– And the line is? It is all the grenseovergangene?

– No, he can not have one hundred percent control of all border controls in the Uk. It goes without saying.

– Precisely, that is what I ask about, ” says Heger.

– It means that he has not received the message that something is wrong – that someone is taken or that it’s detection around me. That is what he mean by “sunshine” and “nice weather”.

– I fathoms, after Cappelen, ” says Heger and continues:

How to fall you to rest with this message when you are expecting 300 kg from the Netherlands? You don’t know where the transportation shall come?

I come to rest, because They, according to him, has had very good control on what happens in the police.

According to Gjermund Cappelen paid him Eirik Jensen 500 nok per kilogram for this information – a total of 8.5 million.

Proud of Eirik Jensen

How can you come to rest when you don’t know when and where the cargo is going?

– Eirik Jensen know that I’ll semi-trailers with marijuana. He has said to me that he gets a notification about it if it pops up a message internally, with the police stating that it is seized something at the border or elsewhere in the Uk, ” says Cappelen, adding later:

I realize that Jensen can’t say to the Customs that now do not have control on the border. It is not possible, but the Customs authorities requesting assistance from the police if there is a large seizure and the notification goes to the PTO centre.

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PTO stands for Police of Customs in Oslo is manned by officials from both the police and the Customs. The office is physically located inside the secure zone at the Section for organised crime of the politihuset in Oslo. The PTO also serves as the department’s operasjonssentral.

– I wonder how you can come to rest with a message about “sunshine”, repeat Heger.

I have, in any case, proud on it, answer Cappelen.

– Yes, but proud of what, ask Heger again.

On Eirik.

– But you don’t know when or where, ” says judge Kim Heger and continues:

If you do not know when it comes, so don’t know Eirik Jensen when it comes. I need to know at one time or another how you can know that it is just to relax and take in cargo.

Relaxing you completely or there was a reduction of risk, ask Sven Olav Solberg, who is fagdommer together with Heger.

– Nothing is one hundred percent. It is random check here and there, responding Cappelen.

Before the lunch break, directed Kim Heger left index finger against Cappelen. It happened after that Cappelen answered yes that there would be a meeting with Jensen 17. December – before it later turned out that he remembered the meeting.

– There is no dealing and wheeling here now. Now it’s serious, ” said judge Heger.


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