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Police lawyer Amir Mirmotahari: He agreed to the murder – VG

Police believe the former lawyer Amir Mirmotahari (39) signed an agreement to get a named person killed.

There is a comprehensive charge that has now been taken out against the once successful lawyer. In addition to drapsforbund, he is now charged with having entered into an agreement to abduct a little, to have tapped a company for several hundred thousand dollars and to have cheated with doctor notes to get exposed to criminal proceedings. From before is eksadvokaten indicted for gross corruption, drug crimes and the attempts at wilful damage to property.

It confirms politiadvokat Ragnvald Brekke at the Oslo police department.

– the indictment against Mirmotahari is extended to the coalition of the killing. Police believe there are reasonable grounds to suspect him of having entered into an agreement to get killed a named person, ” says politiadvokaten.

He did not want to say closer who would be killed or where the person currently is located.

The former lawyer defended by lawyer Kim the first christmas.

– I am familiar with the extended charge, but do not want to comment on it, ” says Eilertsen.

VG-special: Utpresserne

Ran a private law firm

Until last summer was the Amir Mirmotahari a well-known defense attorney. He ran his own law firm with seven employees and had many clients. He was also the chief executive for a number of companies with aggregate values in hundremillionersklassen, primarily within the property.

The 15. June in for revealed to VG that the defense attorney asked entorpedo to kidnap and dope down a little. The goal was to keep the victim away from the courtroom – so that the client of his went free. The whole conversation was taken up, and VG could render call.

Since she is a junkie-lady so it is kind of not so carefully, said Mirmotahari, among other things on the recording.

the Day after aksjonerte the police and caught the lawyer. He has since been ” I.

The extended the indictment is a result of the extensive investigation the police started after the vg’s disclosure.

Police have now charged Mirmotahari also to have entered into an agreement with the torpedo about to kidnap voldtektsofferet, says politiadvokaten.

VG-special: the Lawyer and the torpedo

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Police: Fake doctor notes

The former lawyer also are charged with having had contact with a physician who shall have issued false medical certificates.

These declarations mean the police is been used to get subjected to criminal proceedings, ” says politiadvokat Break.

The current doctor is not yet charged in the case.

This is an expansion of the indictment against Mirmotahari. Police have not yet charged other persons in relation to these new records, ” says politiadvokaten.

In september of last year was Mirmotahari stamped as “unfit as a lawyer” and deprived of the licence.

Read all about the lawyer-avløringen here

Corruption and drugs

In the wake of the vg’s revelations last summer was 39-year-old first charged with attempt motarbeiding of the judiciary and the attempts at wilful damage to property.

the indictment was later expanded to apply to the gross corruption and drug crimes.

Police believe Mirmotahari bribed a correctional officer – a man in the 30s who worked at Oslo prison. Fengselsbetjenten is also charged with gross corruption, and sitting for time ” I.

Mirmotahari is also charged with having smuggled drugs to inmates in Norwegian prisons.

Wednesday morning will Oslo-police demand that the former defense attorney is ” I on the new.

He filed “I for 8 new weeks with letters and restraining orders,” says politiadvokat Ragnvald Brekke.

Were even pushed for money

the Conversation where Amir Mirmotahari asked a torpedo about to kidnap a little happened in may 2015 – ahead of a trial in Oslo district court. The audio recording of this conversation ended up in the hands of criminals, who used it to the extensive racketeering by Mirmotahari.

In the beginning of December be able to the VG reveal that Mirmotahari was pressed by two men who used the audio recording to push Mirmotahari for several hundred thousand dollars.

the Money obtained Mirmotahari from one of the eiendomsselskapene he led.

Police have now charged him for gross financial misconduct, informs the politiadvokat Break.

Police believe he tapped a company to pay these alleged utpresserne, ” says Brekke.

More pågripelser

the Police in the last six months, done several pågripelser in what has become a comprehensive proceedings:

25. august 2016: A correctional officer (28) in Oslo prison was arrested for gross corruption. The police believe he has obtained Mirmotahari new clients among the inmates in the prison. This should have happened in return for money, gifts or services. Today, he is released.

8. september 2016: A female interpreter in the 50′s was arrested for gross corruption. Police believe she obtained the Mirmotahari new clients in criminal cases where she had a mission. This should have happened in exchange for money, gifts or services. The interpreter is released, but still charged.

9. november 2016: Advokatfullmektigen Usama Ahmad (30) was arrested for gross corruption. Police believe fengselsbetjenten earned him new clients in exchange for money, gifts or services. Today, he is released.

12. December 2016: A former employee (39) in the charged the ex-lawyer was arrested. Police believe the man has laundered criminal money and he is charged with money laundering. Today, he is released.

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